Past Relationship

by Teresa Salhi

 Letting Go of a Past Relationship Letting Go of a Past Relationship

A past relationship can be one of the hardest things to let go. There are many things we may need to release those can be at the top of the list. You likely already know this if you've experienced an ending that you wanted or maybe not.  Either way, they take a while to process and move on.

I put together a list of 8 personal activities that helped me to let go of an 8+ year relationship.  I gained clarity, let go of hurt and moved on in a positive way. I now relish in what I learned through my experience and how it has helped me to grow as a woman. 


1.  I had to figured out what I learned from the experience to help me develop a sense of closure.  I spent time with my journal making a list of all positive and not so good qualities I possessed in the relationship.  I also noted what I learned from . It was really healing to write them out and read over with an open mind.

2.   Writing a letter.  Once again I took out my journal (if you don’t have one I highly recommend getting one it is so helpful in many ways) and I wrote a letter to my ex clarifying my feelings and expressing the good, the bad and things that were left unsaid. It it helped me come to terms with the reality that it was over.  I never sent the letter and it can be up to you if you choose to do so.

3.  Remembering all of it, good and bad. I read the book Eat Pray Love and watched the movie countless times something the author said really resonated with me “It’s ok to love someone, remember the good times and then let the thought go.”  This meant it was okay for me to remember the moments in our life, acknowledge them and then let go. It helped a lot.

4.  Visualized a single me.  I would prepare a bubble bath with some lavender oil and a glass of wine and just daydream about all the wonderful things I could do as a single woman. For me, traveling was important and I so loved it!  I would picture myself as the person I was before my relationship confident, happy, spontaneous and excited about life.

5.   Rewarded me. When I made progress in moving on by deleting old pictures, emails, texts and belongings.  I would do something nice for myself like a pedicure, spa treatment, coffee or a  new shirt what ever made me happy at that moment.

 6.   Wrote a nice message for myself. I took a bright pink lipstick and wrote “I give you my light and love,” across the top part of my mirror as something positive that I could read to myself every day.

7.   Replaced my emotional thoughts with facts.  Instead of telling myself I would never be loved again I would resist that feeling and tell myself something really positive instead like “I had a really good yoga practice yesterday" or "good job on that work out last night."

8.   When feeling down.  I would call up my friends and family so I could engage in  fun activities surrounded by people who love and care about me.



I hope these tips are helpful. Letting go of anything takes times, especially letting go of a past relationship and someone who was a part of your life.  It may not be the easiest thing but you can do it and you can learn so much abuot yourself and ife in the process. 



“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace,  If you let go alot you will have a lot of peace.”

-Chah Ajahn


Story shared by Ms.Shayla

You may also like a popular home study course at Empower the Dream – The Feminine Art of Manifesting Big Love.  It is awesome and helpful for any stage of a relationship. Enjoy!




Fake. Fearful. Forgotten.

by Teresa Salhi

I did it again today, I got all weird about my belief in how awesome I am.  Do you ever do that? Doubt your current abilities to have and do just exactly what you want? Start talking crappy stuff to yourself in a whisper that no one else can hear but YOU?

Yep, I get it. 

It happens to me when I am in a phase of pushing myself forward and into a new area of personal upleveling.

What about you?

Maybe you haven’t really gotten the stellar results from your clients, career or life that you wanted YET.  So, you might feel like you’re a fake, nobody special or fear that the end is coming too soon and you’ll be forgotten.   



What feels even harder is deep inside you don’t feel you have accomplished enough or helped enough people or got to experience in the outside life what you pulls on your heart and soul.   So how’s a woman supposed to keep putting herself out there when the TRUTH you want to believe about yourself is not showing up as truth yet?

I know. I know.


This is why I chose to be a Success Coach for women.


The truth is, you feel like a fake because you don’t believe in yourself completely and that a vicous cycle of the continual berating your self-esteem has gotten.

Over the past few years your life or career aspirations may have moved slowly or not at all.  You know tons of stuff but it doesn’t seem to be working for you right now.


Lack of results or inconsistent results can take a toll on a spiritual woman like you.


What’s even worse is that it can also prevent you from showing up as the leader that you know you are deep inside.

It’s very important to understand where this feeling like a fake or living in fear of what will become of you or the feeling forgotten thing comes from and how you can get rid of it ASAP, or at least replace it with another belief that is more powerful, based on REAL proof, to take its place.


It’s normal to keep getting the results we don’t want when we don’t have the results that we DO want.

Mainly because we don’t believe that it’s possible… and that sometimes will translate on us creating more of the same circumstances that lead to the same results.


Every heard that story of a fly that kept banging its head against the window glass when 2 feet  away was an open door?



Sometimes we do the same thing. We don’t know what we don’t know and it leads to a lot of head banging, painful bumps and bruises  and our business’ or life joy takes a nose dive.

Nothing and I really mean NOTHING will move until something changes to break the cycle-regardless of what you are told to go out there and DO NEXT.

And focusing on your lack of results is not the answer and it’s not about the results, but about who you’re BEING!


So for simplicity’s sake, here are 3 easy steps to get you there darrrrrrrrling! This is how you can stop feeling like a fake or with a fear of being forgotten, etc….

1. Understand where this feeling comes from so you can shift the disbelief into BELIEF and start getting a different result. Otherwise you will stay trapped in a prison of your own making.

2. Find the results that you already had. They are hiding in plain sight but maybe you can’t see them from the place (and mindset) that you are looking.

3. Take a different action. Have a proven, tested strategy you can implement quickly to get results. The longer you wait, the harder it is!


YOU have to break the cycle! It’s your responsibility.


You can’t operate from this place of disbelief and expect a successful business or life. It just doesn’t happen!

You can do this, you really can – please just ask yourself "what am I waiting for?"


I work with women who are in a transition  – where the life they are living is not the one they want. They are ready to find that deeper purpose, change careers, advance a business, or make significant relationship changes….


The desires we have for our life and what we do in our life are so closely related and deeply impact each other.

Below is a great list of topics that can be covered in our coaching experience – some specifics are for women on an entrepreneur path and others are for most career and lifestyle change.   

  1. Uncovering a Deep Felt Compelling Vision
  2. Commitment to You & Engage More Powerfully
  3. Transform Who You're Being
  4. Overcoming Fears, Obstacles and Perceived Limitations
  5. Create Your Goals, Milestones, Strategies, and Action Plan
  6. Using Spiritual Modalities in Life or Business
  7.  Understanding and Identifying the Strength in your Feminine Power
  8. Building Relationships
  9. Time Mastery
  10. Increasing Productivity and the 80-20 Rule
  11. Clarifying Your Niche and Marketing Plan
  12. Designing Your Business Model
  13. Stages of Sales + Marketing & Improving Retention
  14. Design Consultations
  15. Attracting Prospects and Building Your List


Empower the Dream is where you can bring forth your unrealized desires and make them a reality in your life. 

This is how to get started.


Teresa Salhi


Begin Again

by Teresa Salhi

Do you love sappy, inspiring, edgy, groovin' kind of movies?  OMG, me too!

I watched the movie Begin Again from a couple years ago and for the 5th time, because it is that good! 

This isn't meant to be a movie review – I really just want to share some inspiration with you.  🙂





Begin Again is about the power of dreams, accessing your wisdom, overcoming life woes and so much more wrapped up in a dance, a love song and a heartbreak….


The acting is pretty good. The songs are killer.

Did I mention Adam Levine and Kiera Knightly, Mark Ruffalo and Ceelo Green were in it?


Now from a woman's perspective I can somehow take myself beyond the too many f-bombs, over drinking and cheating.   I watched in tears, joy and that inner tug to be allow myself to be more.


My love for the movie comes from…

  • Not allowing yourself to be defined by pain and misfortune
  • Owning your unique creative side and the yearning to be expressed, heard and seen
  • Love between a man and woman is is not always about romance, sex but possibly a deeper life evolution that gives way to a purpose of authentic giving
  • Sometimes your mess is your most gracious and inspiring gift
  • It is time to stop hiding your light and to let your lost star shine
  • Telling YOUR story YOUR way is the what we most of secretly desire, rarely do and yet – others are waiting for




I have so many favorite parts in the movie and one of them is the solo part he lets his 15 year coming of age daughter have on the album.  I think she just got her confidence back and stepped into being a woman!
If you watch it, (it's on Netflix btw) will you leave a comment here and let me know how it inspired you?


Do you ever feel like you've been wanting something for a very long time? You got close a few times but somehow it got deflated?


You had spurts of awesome desire that got you fired up but in the end you're right back where you started.


UGH…it sucks.

Nothing changed.

I know, I know – been there , done that!


It seems like other women are doing it.  So what gives?

I'll tell you my lessons. 

1st – there's nothing wrong with you, you will get there if you stay true to yourself….

2nd -pull your hair back, roll up your sleeves honey – and KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT!

Like…in spite of the doubt, the fear, other people or anything that tries to stand in your way or mess with your head. Ok?


It's not such a fancy recipe but that's literally what it takes.  And the cherry on top is, it's ok to fail!  It's like the secret ingredient. 🙂


Some women are not afraid to fail before they succeed. These are Fearless Women.  May you be one too.

I'm not talking about an intimidating, loud, or a forceful kind of woman. But rather a fearless woman who is a anchored in her femininity and owning her own superpowers!

Yes, it sounds intriguing and it is. That's why I want you to get this…and if you're already in this zone, how can you stretch yourself a little more?


Fearless Women Do 7 Things Differently

blog post fearless women

1. Fearless women …are authentic.

March to to your own drum. The one that beats to your rhythm.  Refrain from following  the crowd like sheep or doing everything exactly as she does to be successful.  A fearless woman puts her energy into being herself and if she is unsure about that – she goes on an inner journey of discovery.     


2.  Fearless women …take aligned action. 

If something isn’t working – she’ll figure it out. She may have moments of despair but she will not go into a downward spiral that lasts for days on end.  She checks in with her soul and trust in the guidance of what is the right and next step for her.  takes action…. 


3. Fearless women …know its ok to ask and accept help.   

It’s time to take off the superwoman cape. Stay away from victimhood, martyrdom and get into a collaboration with other human beings.  We are meant to give and receive from each other.  Afterall, we are not here on this planet alone, right?  


4. Fearless women ….know there is glory in the chaos.

Life can get crazy and wonky at times.  When you ask for more life to come to you – you  can also expect for things to get shaken up a bit.   The path to reaching further into your potential is getting out of the same 'ole comfort one you’ve been in.   You cannot expect different results by being the same year after year – now that's crazy! But go ahead and expect a little chaos in the midst of change.  You can handle it.


5. Fearless women ….invest in themselves.

If you want more – but have been stuck for longer than you care to admit. Then get support.  Seriously.  Hire a coach, invest in a program, go on trip.  This is when you need to get a new perspective,  believe you are worth it and get out of the same environment you have been in day after day (mental and physical).  For some reason women will spend money on beautifying their outer self but resist when it comes to the inner self.  Unless you are planning on being on the cover of Vogue – please invest on what matters most to your success.


6. Fearless women …are able to let shit go.

Letting go of control can feel insecure and threatening.  But too much control blocks a natural flow of what you can receive.  Let go of the past, release specific expectations for the future and show up fully for the present.  Because, THAT IS the only moment that really matters.


7. Fearless women …know how to listen.

Most people live their life through a learned existence.  This is the 'perspective' of our ego and mind talk.  It’s not bad a thing, your ego is trying to protect you from past experiences that hurt you.  However, if  you want to get out of that 'box' and limited perspective – then it’s time to sit your butt down and have a heart-to-heart talk with your soul. The inner guidance that will guide you out of limitations and into new possibilities!  Practice asking and listening to your own superpowers – it's called  intuition and there's a reason you have it.


There you have it darling, 7 Things Fearless Women Do Differently. 

Do you have another you want to add to the list? Is there one you will take away today?

I would love to hear from you, please feel free to comment below.


In love and service

Teresa Salhi

Teresa Salhi is professional coach, teacher, and certified law of attraction trainer.  She was successful in corporate management for over 15 years with teams and clients worldwide.  Teresa is passionate about helping women close the gap from where they are to where they really want to be. She is the founder of Empower The Dream; a positive corner of the Internet that provides thousands of women much needed resources, inspiration and useful strategies to prioritize their heartfelt dreams in their personal lives or purposeful careers/businesses. More.













Is your story true or are you telling lies?

You have a story – it’s called your life.   A story of good times, hard times, happy times, sad times – in your zone and sometimes zoned out.  You really do have a plethora of unique, crazy-wonderful, smart and inspirational life experiences.  

We need you and your story.  The world needs you.  Your story is part of your purpose, your stepping stones to your higher potentials.  It is what inspires others.  You may not know this yet, but I promise it is true.   But I am not talking about that story….just yet.  

 I am talking about the stories you tell yourself about others.

On our journey of life we encounter people in our path. Thousands of people.  Lovers, friends, clients, neighbors, co-workers and more – even the weekly grocery store clerk or taxi cab driver.

They are all part of your journey….and potentially part of the story.

Sometimes the story gets crabby, pissed, disheveled, painful, disappointing…..

  • He didn't’t call back – another man who doesn't know how to treat a woman
  • She is trying to make me look bad at the office because she's jealous
  • She is rude and not a very nice neighbor
  • They are cheap and would rather get half-assed help for ‘free’ than pay for my quality services/products

Or what about the stories you tell about yourself?

  • I am not as pretty or smart (young, old, thin, etc) as her and quality men don't go for my type
  • I don't have a college education and will never get a high paying job
  • My neighbor thinks I am weird and doesn't’t like me
  • Having a business is hard, I am doing all that I can and not sure I can make this happen.  customers

Stories can play in our mind randomly, often and without conscious awareness.

But are they true?

Have you ever caught yourself in a lie?   Have you ever made up a story about someone only to find out later they were away on a family emergency (for example) and could not respond, attend, call…etc.


The truth is many of the stories we may be thinking or telling about others and ourselves have potential to be BIG fat lies!

You're not trying to lie.  I’m not either.  We are doing our best.  But it happens. Unfortunately.  It's how we really believe or want to believe at that moment.

These stories, lies, untruths are also self-generating.

Which means, those lies are creating our life right now.   There is likely a part of your current reality that is based on a big fat lie.

I know, it sucks.  

What we think about, how we feel or give our most dominant attention – is what shows up in our physical world.

And that’s the truth.  It’s also the law – so says the science of Law of Attraction.  The magnet of energy that brings to us what we give our attention too.


Could there be another side to the story you are telling?

  • Maybe he broke his leg playing sports and on bed rest. 
  • Maybe your neighbor is shy and wishes you would say hi.
  • Maybe she is so insecure that she works overtime to be noticed.
  • Maybe you just need more belief and support on making your business a success. 

I mentioned only mere examples, but you get what I mean, right?


Here’s an idea that might help to stop self-generating from the lies that are pretending to be true – but really making your life hell.

The goal is: How can you begin to tell a better story?

Awareness is key.  Whenever you catch yourself telling a story – and I am talking about something not so nice, something that makes you angry, hurts you, upsets you, belittles you …….ask yourself 

1. Is this really true?  Do I know this for certain?

2. Is there something in this situation that I can learn about myself?

3. How can I see this differently?

4. Have I ever done this?


Get into a habit of journaling these questions.  Question the stories.  Write out the answers. The stories of them, of you.

Journaling allows you to go deeper into your soul.  It is private, releasing, exploring, provides soul guidance and can be life changing.   Seriously, it is that powerful. 

Self awareness is about becoming whole.  When we don't embrace or try to hide our untruths, lies and made up stories – they eventually come out anyway.  Often sideways and crazy, hurtful or with unexpected consequences. 

Every story we tell is a reflection of ourselves, good bad and in-between.

I will leave you with this thought and your own self exploration. I'll be back soon to talk about that other story.   The one that is your true gift of life.


Dream big,  darling…

Teresa Salhi

A positive corner of the Internet that provides thousands of women much needed resources, inspiration and useful strategies to prioritize their heartfelt dreams in their personal lives or purposeful careers and businesses.                                                                                             







We are already one month into the new year – woooooahhhh! Yes, it comes and goes so fast.  I used to think I had time. Now I know my time is also self-created.

When we truly embody our feminine spirit – we know to be with our journey and enjoy it or at the very least notice the learning moments of the journey, to take them in, reflect, grow and evolve from….

It is in that spirit that I share this list with you:

Create What You Really Want – 5 Personal Insights

May they empower you to make awesome forward movement in your year.

                                    5 Insights to Create What You Really Want

1.Comparison.  Years ago, a mentor taught me a game-changing empowerment secret: use comparison to pull yourself forward (instead of tearing yourself down) by comparing where you are now to where you once were.

We talked about this in the Raise Your Glass end-of-year reflection call. Where you there?  It is so powerful, especially for women. Even in a “boring” year, we accomplish more than most people do in a decade. We can benefit from the learning for years to come, if we take the time to gather said learning in the first place.

Stop comparing yourself to Her. To Them.

Allow yourself to revel in your own accomplishments and acknowledge how far you have come.  Compare yourself to your own journey of where you were last year – 5 years ago.  You are doing great – know that and own it.


2. Choices.  We always have the choice of resistance or allowance.  Allowance is our natural state.  It’s how we’re born when we enter the world – receptive, deserving, and open. Resistance is a behavior; a pattern of thinking or believing that is learned.  

I know at times it can be confusing to decipher the difference but if you remember that our supply is truly unlimited and everything desired is already in reach – it becomes easier to see where you are showing up.

Here’s the deal.  You can only receive as much as we are willing to allow. You will know you are in allowance when you are actually taking the actions required to create what you want.

That’s right – allowance equals action of some kind!  

Apply for the job.  Stop eating sugar. Go to bed earlier. Seek knowledge. Meet new people.

I realized I was doing some of my own resisting. For example, I made new decisions for myself and business this year by listening to my soul. Yes, awesome.  That means I must now allow in new ideas, ways of being and opportunities to show up. By resisting, I end up falling back into old patterns of doing things. 

Sometimes it feels crazy and awkward in transition. It is part of change. I am continually recognizing this and taking new actions forward.  I know it is the only way to get to my desired place.

What are you resisting? When you look at your list of New Year’s intentions, where might the resistance be showing up? Please trust me when I say this is best to figure this out now, because the only cause of non-miracles is resistance.


3. Things are as easy or as hard as you make them.  As an online coach to brave women, I hear a lot of women struggle with the conflict of HOW to get what they want. There is fear that it will never happen. For most women, change, massive growth and expansion IS a ton of work. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What creates the resistance is not “the work or the HOW” itself, but our clinging to the myth of “hard,” refusal to believe we can really have what we want and resistance to allowing ourselves to truly be supported.

Oftentimes, we need to let go of what is no longer aligned with our bigger desire or next step. For me, it was to stop doing so much externally.  Going to many physical meetings, for example.  Attending or facilitating 6 networking meetings month was more time inclusive than the meeting itself.  It also included getting dressed, travel time, unplanned stops along the way…

Seriously, if I want to be more creative and offer more life supporting online classes – I need to make the time to do so.  I was telling myself it was hard to create programs.  But the truth is, I love it and it is not so hard. But I was not making enough time for it.  Acting like superwoman goes against what I want to model.  I got confronted with myself and reminded to practice what I preach.

Whatever “it” is … does not have to be hard.   Yes, there are external circumstances that are outside of your control. But we all play a role in whether something is hard or not. A good portion of “hard” is self-created, and exists only in your own mind.

What can you let go of that will allow your desire to come easier?  Is it something you are physically doing that is distracting from what you really want?  Is it what you are saying to yourself – “it’s too hard,” “I’m not good enough.”  Possibly both.


4. Every creation is really a co-creation. I believe in the Divine, God, Source Energy – and   we are aligned together with hands of the seen and unseen. It is the life force energy we all belong too.  Your dreams – the lifestyle change, the new career or business, a readiness for love, etc, – cannot be created in a vacuum and all by yourself.  Your good comes from your innate connection and [S]He works through other people. Without a doubt.

You are not alone. Ever. Nor can you create alone. Which means that you don’t have to do it all alone. This is some good news!

Find your way to or back to your spiritual center.  It will also be there waiting with open arms.


5. Relationships with others are everything. On top of the fact that we do not create anything alone, ever, and never have to do it all ourselves… we are here to create, and that means connecting with other beings, human and otherwise, on a deep level. How you choose to show up with the people around you may be the #1 indicator of your quality of life. This goes from your closest friends, your ex, the peeps at the office or the outsiders you feel envious toward.

So choose love. It feels good, turns you into an attraction magnet and is actually pretty easy when you get past your own perceived limitations.

You get to decide how you will respond to the challenges – and you will move through them much quicker when you drop the resistance and allow them to teach you. Seriously.

A mentor or someone not in your immediate circle can help wonders with this.  They can see you from the point of your future and not your past.

There we have it, some of my own secrets to creating a life I really want.  Have faith darling, use the Universal Laws, make the right choices for your dreams, be open and allow yourself to be supported. 


Please leave a comment.  Do any of these resonate with you too?

Dream Big!

Teresa Salhi

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Ready For Change?

by Teresa Salhi

Are you ready for change in your life, career, relationships or self confidence?

Ready for a Change?Do you feel the urge and calling of your heart and soul, begging you to go beyond the limits of a life that no longer satisfies your deeper desires and to step into the the woman you came here to be? 

Ready to say yes to you and re-connect to your inner brilliance?  Tune into your own personal power to create an exquisite life and soulful mission.  

Allow me to honor and guide you on this new journey and together we will break the inner glass ceilings so you can actualize your highest potential for this life time.  It's definitely your turn. 

It's time to let your feminine, empowered, beautiful essence shine!  See what Empower The Dream has to offer.

Dream Big,

Teresa Salhi



I Am Lovable!

by Teresa Salhi

I Am Lovable!

Before I get to the topic of being lovable, let me start with being confident.  I used to believe that being a confident woman meant I had to get out there and do the hard, unimaginable and face the fear zone head on.

I've run a few of those 26.2 mile marathons, traveled alone to foreign lands, applied for jobs bigger than me, had a baby when I was barely done being one, spoke in front of 100's of people, chased a child molester in the dead of night…..I survived them all.  I succeeded.  And yes, I show up today a more confident woman due to going for it.

I also want say that it takes something else to walk the talk of a confident woman.  It takes a special way of being – a gift – that everyone has but alot fewer dare embody.  This gift is often harder to open than anything else. The gift is being lovable.

I am lovable imageAnd this one was harder for me than any external action I took on. I didn't always feel lovable and I had many experiences in my life where what showed up for me was a mirror to my feeling of unlovability or not enough.  That is where the pain comes in. 

You see, everything on the inside is reflected on the outside, eventually.

The truth is, we were born lovable. A baby cries knowing they are precious and someone will come.  A puppy runs and jumps without a care in the world. They know they are loved and will be cared for.  Somewhere between then and perhaps now – you've lost that knowing.

You've experienced setbacks, challenges, losses and pain.  You feel sometimes life is against you, life is hard and often lonely. Only skinny, pretty girls get the good stuff. 

You might you just need to do that thing and you will be more confident and life will be good again, right? Yeah, it will surely help.

What You Really  Need is a Dose of Lovability

  • Others will love you to the degree you love yourself.
  • They will see it when you do.

Relationships require love.  You need to give it to yourself so you have some to give away.  So you can receive from them too.  You will also attract people into your life that love themselves.  Life will get so much better this way. 

Love is what really builds confidence.  It is the easier way.  Yes, climb the mountain but climb it with love.  Believe in you.  See yourself shine and know you are capable, unstoppable, worthy of success and inspiring so many.  Love does this.

Knowing you are lovable is demonstrated by being gifted your precious life, being alive, having unique abilities, ideas and quirky little ways that attract your perfect tribe of followers.  

Accepting you are lovable is not about the past, the size of your bank account or the color of your skin. You are not your age, your size, your body – what you really are is lovable.

If you are in doubt of how you feel about being lovable, you are not alone.

Other great women like Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe didn't believe they were lovable.  They needed the world to show them and when the world did, they still did not believe.  So you see, no one else can do it for you.  No one else can give you the love you deserve like you can.  You don't need the whole world to love you – you need you more than anyone else. It will always feel empty or lacking, fearful, and alone inside until you give yourself the gift you have been carrying inside your whole life.

Right now it is time to stop chasing love or searching for your value.  You already have it inside.  Let it surround you.  

Tell yourself everyday in every way you can. I AM LOVABLE.

I am lovable image

Put it where you eyes go and Post it. Shout it. Sign it.   Breathe it. Write it on your hand if you have to. 


This is the way of a confident woman.  She is lovable.  You are lovable. Got it babe?

Teresa Salhi

I work with women to reach their highest potential, out in the world, in their personal lives and their careers.  Going thru a rough spot? Lost and confused? Heart broken or pissed off?  Yep, life throws us into transitions, shakes our confidence and leaves us feeling stranded….it can happen. That is where a coach, mentor and confidante can help.  To listen and to take action.  I've got your back.  Let's chat.  It's on me.



Home Retreat for New Year Planning

Winter Retreat Saced Space

It’s a powerful time  of year to let go of what no longer is alignment to your higher good.  It's a time of planting new ways of being, living, creating of what you truly desire now in this new year.

Yet, how often do we actually create the time and space for ourselves, despite our best new year goals and desires?


Creating quiet time and reflection for yourself is not merely a luxury – but necessary for our growth. It’s imperative that we periodically break from our routines and look within ourselves, because…


It’s within our quietness that we are able to hear the true voice of our desire.


It’s within our quietness that we receive the guidance for our next phase of creation.


It's within our quietness that our new year creations begin.


In honor of this year ending and new year beginning- I want to share a little home retreat that recharges your body, mind and soul. 


This can be used for a number of things… reflection, planning, rejuvenation or all of the above.


1.  Time. Carve out a couple of hours, or a day, or even a long weekend if that serves you. And most importantly, let people know that you will be unavailable and don’t want to be disturbed.


2.  Preparation. Gather the supplies that you need and prepare your space. A few of my favorite retreat supplies include:


  • A writing pad or journal
  • Your calendar
  • Candles
  • Fresh flowers
  • Nourishing refreshments
  • Relaxing music
  • essential oils are great for this

 3.  Cleansing. The simplest way to do this it to take a luxurious shower or bath, and visualize the water washing away all that no longer serves you.


It’s also important to empty and cleanse your mind at this point.  Use your favorite spiritual practice to release lingering thoughts, worries, to-do lists, or concerns. 


My favorite way to empty is to close my eyes, breathe deeply and imagine all of those things simply draining away, safely knowing that I can pick up anything I release for the time being, when I so choose.  And remember to turn off your cell phone.


4.  Start. Once in your retreat space, allow yourself to fully arrive.  Call back any parts of yourself that might still be hanging out elsewhere.  Continue your emptying practice so you begin with an empty cup.


When you are ready to begin, light a candle as you make a simple statement of your intention for this  special retreat time.  


My intention always includes making contact and connection with my personal power and divine knowing, being open to receiving the guidance that it has for me.  Or it might simply be a sense of rest and rejuvenation.  Just be sure to be clear and specific as you make this powerful claim.


5.  Engage.  Perhaps you’ve decided to do some planning, or journaling reflection on the prior year.  Or perhaps your retreat time includes movement or time in nature. A long, reflective walk can be extremely replenishing. I get some of my best insights and guidance in nature!  Be sure to include nurturing, healing foods if you’ll be in retreat for longer than a few hours.


6.  End. Once you’re complete, express gratitude to yourself for the gift of this special time, and gratitude for the guidance and wisdom you’ve gained.


7.  Integrate. This is a super-important step!  You need time to fully download your retreat experience. Avoid rushing right back into the hustle of life or everybody else’s priorities. 


I recommend staying off the technology or simply keeping your schedule clear for another 24 hours or so. Whatever you do, just be sure to put some attention on honoring the integration process and allowing yourself to return to the present with grace.


So there’s a simple plan for a home retreat. I hope you’ll carve out some time in the coming week to honor yourself and nurture the powerful woman you are. 

You may also want to join our RAISE YOUR GLASS – Sisterhood Virtual Celebration on December 30, 2015.  Please join us here.


P. S. The above exercise is an inspiration from Elizabeth Purvis…a mentor and guide for women.

Love & blessings,

Teresa Salhi



Women Hold a Spiritual Place for Our Families and Communities

When we are connected to our authentic selves and the divine power of the Universe – we have the ability to inspire others, cultivate stability, bring people together and communicate in a way that empowers and creates change.  We hold a spiritual place to thrive.  

women hold a spiritual place Whether you’re single or married, it’s up to us as women to create the spiritual inspiration of those close by and as a model for our community.  

We are designed by our Divine Source to keep the fires burning and gently stir the embers of compassion and love. 

When we are connected authentically and spiritually it all seems to flow with grace and ease.

But, you and I both know we don’t always feel connected.  We don’t feel authentic or even remember what that is.  In fact, we can all easily get disconnected from our spiritual source when we least expect it.

The superwoman syndrome takes over and before we know it we are drowning in to-do lists, chaos, schedules and fear of losing control.

We forget the flow. We forget how to get there.

But we long for that feeling of safety, contentment and knowing.  That’s our flow. That’s being connected to our spiritual selves and the source that holds space in each of us.

That is when the world looks like a beautiful, inviting place…

When we are disconnected from the Divine, we drop into our lower self.  Ego. Drama. Overwhelm. Fear. Stress.  The Blame and not good enough Game.

We've all had those times. We totally forget that the only one imprisoning our connection is ourselves.  

When we’re disconnected from the Divine Source, we can feel like no sees us – and we don’t even want to be seen.  We feel sad and confused or sometimes pissed as hell.  We cry and know this isn’t right. 

We try to latch onto or blame someone out there, but it doesn’t work.  Is it them or us?  In the midst of chaos, it’s hard to tell. 

On the other hand… when we’re connected to our Divine Source and our authentic selves – we are so freakin’ powerful and making it happen.   

We handle the chaos and all the  sh*t that comes along.   Even in moments of craziness we might waiver yet always come back to center.  We’re able navigate life from a relative place of grace and peace.

I believe our real work as women is to continually work on our connection, inner power and bridge the gap from sometimes  – to most of the time.

I believe the ability to stay connected to our Divine Source, cultivate that connection, and inspire connection in our families and community is our duty, honor, and birthright.   

As the Dalai Lama said: “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.”

It is from this strong spiritual connection to the Divine Source that builds a foundation from which everything blossoms.

Sure, some do it without this connection but oftentimes end up with an empty and unsatisfying experience overall.  

There isn’t enough money, sex, Botox or new shoes that can fill the hole when craving divine connection.

You too may be feeling this pull. And it’s no longer an option for you to keep going through life without being DEEPY connected to your authentic self and guided by Divine Source.

The yearning is growing.  That inner voice is trying to gently (or not so gently) to usher you back to your soul’s path and purpose.

I spent a lot of my own life allowing myself to be disconnected, lost and confused.   Times where I was just existing and reacting rather than how I live now – creating life on my own terms and with Divine Source in my back pocket.  

I learned the hard way how find my true purpose and power by living only from what others put in front of me.  But when I could not do that one more day – I pushed forward and got the real support I needed.

I can honestly say the best feeling for me EVER – is when I follow my heart and take care of me.  Only then can I show up and lead, inspire, motivate and love others that way they deserve.  I don't have it to give if I don't give it to myself.  This has proven to be true over and over again.  


I hope I get a chance to show you the shortcut and help you to bridge the gap so you can be more in flow…..

It’s for women who want to go deeper, expand bigger, and uplevel any area of their life.


You see, when I found my way, I knew my calling was to support other women like me – who are ready to be more of the woman they are meant to be.

This is all about YOU reaching your highest potential.   


In love and service

Teresa Salhi



Every woman deserves to find and experience true love from a man who is undeniably devoted to her. King Love is a live call workshop (recorded too) designed for the woman who is ready for a committed romantic partnership but unable to attain it with a quality man;  a modern day King who knows how to treat her like a modern day Queen!

 Call Series Starts November 22, 2015

Here's What You Will Learn & How To Register





May You Walk Into Miracles

by Teresa Salhi

May You Walk Into Miracles Today

By Sharing Who You Really Are 

May you walk in the realm of miracles today by moving into the flow, your flow.  May you align with your truth, the real and authentic you…

The woman deep inside is edging her way to the outer world and ready to be seen and heard.  The woman is sensing a miracle ready to be birthed.  A woman as much afraid of a miracle as she is begging for it.

Miracles are not all about rainbows and unicorns for sure. Making miracles do not always come from perfect recipes or without freaking out! 

However, when we say to ourselves, 'bring it on baby, I'm ready to live my truth, to live an authentic life'. When we declare this – we then and only then – step out of our comfort zone and into the miracles zone!

Beyond yesterday's, last month's, last year's sameness. Doing it again, over and over again.  You know it. You feel it.  It is time to step into the next level of you.  There is a yearning, a stirring, a rumbling inside your soul that that is getting damn harder to ignore. 

I understand so well.  I have too felt the gap. The gap between comfort and miracle. 

"What is my next step?," I ask myself.  How can I serve more? How can I take my lessons learned and expand myself into the world more?  How can I allow myself to do this, is the real question!  How can I not feel so all alone? At least without resentment, resistance or overwhelm. Right? You feel this too?

There is an answer for both of us, all of us.

I believe there is a higher power that has our back. We were born with everything inside to create and manifest all our desires, this place is called innocence! Untainted by the outside world and all its limitations! 

Let's let go of the learned suffering and control and get back to trusting the miracle of how we came to be.

Oh we must, we must keep listening to our intuition, we all receive these messages from God/Universe. We all have this inner voice talking to us, whispering waiting for us to step into our extra-ordinary life the one that is waiting for us.

When you find find your courage to act, you will walk in the direction of what you want and leave yourself open to receive the miracles from a higher power.

We are living in a time where we must speak our truth and get really get good at being authentic.  Pay attention to this in your personal lives and career interactions.

When you are not being honest to yourself or anyone else, you will feel it and witness this – as its mirrored back to you in your experiences.  We talked about that in a recent blog post too and how the planetary alignments highlight this in our life.  Read here.

Carry on in the direction of your destiny.  Allow yourself to take a step into your every calling land of miracles. This is where YOUR unique magic happens!


Let's go!

Teresa Salhi

Supporting brave women to transition out of their comfort zone and into the woman they are meant to be!



The Relationship Mirror

by Teresa Salhi

Relationships are the foundation of our happiness and wellbeing.   They are also a mirror to our inner self.

Our relationship with the external world (people, things) and our relationship with the internal world (ourselves, thoughts, feelings, beliefs).  It all matters. Everyday we get the opportunity to make ours a little juicier, happier, with more understanding, rewarding, forgiving and to let go of or embrace more of. 


It's all about choices and when you feel overwhelmed by or blinded to your choices- it may be time to seek outside support.   I did and I can now offer my expertise to you. 


I learned the hard way thru alot of tears and despair.  I was making wrong choices and most of it had to do with how I treated myself.  I didn't realize I was contributing to my failures due to lack of my own self love.  I thought it was because they didn't love me – but that was the ugly mirror. 


You can attract loving relationships to you and it stays when you love yourself.  This will help.


Also, some say astrology plays a role in supporting our relationships too. Our featured article by Sheri Horn will talk more about that. 

Sheri Horn (see bio below) is our newest blog writer at Empower The Dream, she will share her wisdom, wit and align you with the stars!  Enjoy!

Featured Article




The Libra New Moon ushers in roughly two weeks during which we are presented with the opportunity to go deep — about our partnerships — the most important one of which is our relationship to self…


With Mercury in Libra until November 2, and Venus in Virgo until November 8, this Libra New Moon provides us the archetypal energy necessary to delve seriously into how our partnerships mirror back to us our very own energies.


However, what's most important to understand about Libra's archetypal energy is that it's always inherently aware of "the other."  This awareness necessarily leads to understanding "as within, so without," which in turn allows us to see our true selves through the energetic makeup of someone else…


And it's our acceptance or rejection of the energies of those around us — and with whom we choose to partner — that tells the tale of true enlightenment!


So what about when "the other" projects back to you stuff you don't like?  Do you continue to try to change him or her? Or do you assume the only way to relate is to let them walk all over you?  Common sense dictates that many of us fall somewhere in between these two extremes, and that our choices vary throughout our lives, depending on our age and stage.


What She Said…


Transiting Uranus opposite this New Moon may lead to sudden departures in relationships, or — better yet — sudden realizations and aha! moments where all was cloudy but NOW all is clear.  These revelations, regardless of how and about whom they manifest, are meant to teach you more about yourself…


As we move forward toward our highest karmic destiny — which is to know ourselves so that we may love and accept ourselves for who we really are — it benefits us to realize that we discover exactly who we are by using others as our mirror.


Instead of alternately being horrified, hurt, saddened, embarrassed, enraged, or (fill in the blank), we may recognize instead that the words and actions of others stem from within — ourselves! While this is such a bitter pill for many of us to swallow, swallow it we must if we are interested in growth in consciousness.


Anything that helps provide us with greater knowledge about ourselves in turn allows us to feel compassion.  When we show compassion to ourselves, we manifest it out in the world in the form of others capable of expressing such compassion back to us…


"So then, the relationship of self to the other is the complete realization that loving yourself is impossible without loving everything defined as other than yourself."

~ Alan Watts


Think about it: This makes hatred virtually impossible!


When you truly "get" that your shadow side is repressed and then projected out onto others and comes back to you in the form of their words and actions, then you understand why acceptance & love for all beings is important: Namely because when you accept others for who and what they are, you are consciously (or unconsciously!) accepting yourself.   This happens when you recognize their energies as your own.

Sheri Horn Bio: Amazon #1 Bestseller Editor, Author, Writing Coach, & Astrologer Sheri Horn Hasan of Karmic Evolution seeks to help her clients move from chaos to clarity and co-create their own future through astrological  insight. Sheri is available astrological chart readings and /or an 30-minute editorial consult to help you "give voice to your vision and inspire your audience!"

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You are perfect just the way you are.  You are not the opinion of others.  You are not damaged goods regardless of how many set backs or failures.  That is what makes you strong.  You are perfect because of your experiences.

You may or may not not be the biggest Taylor Swift fan, this speech is truly amazing, It will likely inspire you and to see Taylor as an amazing, talented, inspiring and  beautiful woman. 



Dream Big!

Teresa Salhi

Empower The Dream Serving Women to Reach Their Highest Potenials in Life, Love & Purpose

 Feminine Intuition is How You Are Divinely Aligned to Your Inner Power Source 

feminine intuition

We don't always give our gift of intuition or life guidance the attention it deserves. Nor do we allow it to serve us when we most need it.  Oftentimes, before we embrace our intuition as the guiding force in our life, we seek direction and approval externally, mostly from the people around us.   Many will follow more than lead too.


If we do lead, we may find ourselves doing so by consciously or unconsciously instilling some form of fear in others so that they comply, mostly because we're living in fear ourselves – this happens with men and women.


We tend to manage our lives intellectually. In other words, we get stuck in our heads, keeping ourselves preoccupied with juggling an assortment of activities and responsibilities in order to manage our lives on the surface. Being in our heads is primarily a masculine trait – we all have masculine and feminine ways of beingMeanwhile, our feminine side is feeling empty, hungry for meaning, restless, somewhat lost, and ungrounded.


This is also why we keep ourselves so busy. It's one way to distract ourselves, at least temporarily, from experiencing the low-grade inner anxiety that haunts us. But there's a better way. 

The better way allows you to engage on a deeper level with your feminine wisdom – your feminine intuition.


Sharing this with my coaching clients is first and foremost, as well as, how to use their intuition to proactively align with  the law of attraction.  The 2 together are double duty success magnets to create the life you really want, the love you desire, the job you dream about and on and on.


Let me ask you…..

Are you honoring your intuition? Do you take time to engage it? Do you trust? Do you listen? It's not a secret that you have this tool but it may become dormant without use.

Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you be more conscious of your inner guidance and give it more attention.

  • How much are you in the habit of honoring your intuition?
  • What is your response to guidance when it speaks to you?
  • Do you pay attention or do you just push it away?
  • Do you have a delayed reaction? 


Teresa Salhi

Empower The Dream – Home Study Courses


Human Freedom

by Teresa Salhi

True freedom has to do with the human spirit — it is the freedom to be who we really are.

We all say we want freedom.  But how do we get it, do we have it now, who stops us from being free? We blame the government, we blame the weather, we blame our parents, we blame religion, we blame God. Who really stops us from being free? We stop ourselves. What does it really mean to be free? Sometimes we get married and we say that we lose our freedom, then we get divorced and we are still not free. What stops us? Why can’t we be ourselves and allow ourselves to live with a sense of freedom?

Human Freedom

We have memories of long ago, when we used to be free and we loved being free, but we have forgotten what freedom really means.

If we see a child who is two or three, perhaps four years old, we find a free human. Why is this human free? Because this human does whatever he or she wants to do. The human is completely wild. Just like a flower, a tree, or an animal that has not been domesticated — wild! And if we observe humans who are two years old, we find that most of the time these humans have a big smile on their face and they’re having fun. They are exploring the world. They are not afraid to play. They are afraid when they are hurt, when they are hungry, when some of their needs are not met, but they don’t worry about the past, don’t care about the future, and only live in the present moment.

Let's give it another try, own our freedom, living in it now.

Author Unknown. 


How to Attract Your Soul Mate

Thumbnail image for How to Attract Your Soul Mate

How to Attract Your Soul Mate Using Heart Visions So how do you attract your soul mate?  It's a question often asked.  I have a personal testimony and a recommendation for you.  Heart Visions.  You can use Heart Visions in every area of your life, including manifesting a soul mate – like I did. Women […]

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We Are More Than Our Clothes

What are you wearing today? Do you choose clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, etc that makes you feel better about yourself?  I would venture to say yes, most of us do, right?  Afterall, the media TELLS us how much clothes matter!      But it doesn't always work that way.  There is all kinds of feeling […]

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Judging Others

What Judging Others Really Means – This May Surprise You Most of us don't realize how often we may judge others or even ourselves. We gossip about our ex's wife, our boss's new glasses, we may even snub our colleague's or neighbors parenting skills – the list continues.  A few years ago – my coach […]

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Being a Visible Woman

What does it mean to be a visible woman?  From my perspective it means allowing yourself to be seen in the world for who you are, with personal mastery and confidence.   Not always easy and surely not always understood by others. You are likely feeling the pull to be more too.  To be seen and […]

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Finding Me – It’s Time

What is the secret to finding ……. me? That could be a rather odd question for some.  But maybe you get what I mean. Do you wonder why,  at this point in your life, you feel as if you are missing out on really living your divine purpose, manifesting your desires or realizing your fullest potential?  […]

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Desire More – Time to Uplevel Yourself

Do You Desire More? If you desire more, know you deserve more or ready to uplevel yourself, it might be time to take a good hard look at what is happening in your life now.      It is invaluable to ask questions like: Have I moved beyond where I was this time last year? Am […]

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Be Careful What You Wish For

  Be Careful What You Wish For Success Tips for Women that Prepare You to Receive   Most of us have heard the phrase "Be Careful What You Wish For…You Just Might Get It"   I've worked with many women to uplevel their careers, seeking new careers or in the midst of starting a new business.  […]

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Turning Point of Success for a Woman

When does the turning point happen for a woman on her journey to love, success and happiness? Often it comes in the moment of a crisis….but it doesn't have to. I believe the turning point is a time when she gets to meet … her other self. So, let's imagine today is that day for […]

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Stop Self Sabotage & Beating Yourself Up

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Self Sabotage. The cycle can be endless. Do you beat yourself up over little things? Big things? Everything?  Many women self sabotage. I hear of this behavior often. Women that are doing a great job at keeping it all together.  Doing their best to create the life or career they desire.  Women like you and […]

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Mistakes Women Make With Men

We don't mean to – but sometimes we make mistakes with him. We do our best, we want sexy, soulful, fairytale romance in our lives.  We want our guy to adore us and we vow to adore him.    Then every day life kicks in and we forget how to be the woman he adores […]

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Relationships Come and Go

Relationships, they come and they go.  It’s like an ebb and flow of souls interacting on a physical journey.  It’s supposed to be that way, I guess.  It may not always feel ok at first – but eventually it is. Who said they are meant to be in our life forever, anyway?   We’ve all heard […]

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The Good Lie

My husband and I watched the movie, The Good Lie last night. It is rare that my husband will watch this type of film with me,coming from Africa, it hurts his heart to see the hardships of his fellow man.     We watched and felt deep gratitude for our life, I wanted to share with […]

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What kind of bubble are you living in?

I just returned from Maui, HI and feeling so grateful that my honey and I finally went! We talked about it since he came to US from Africa 4 years ago – wow how time flies. While in Maui, someone said “living in Maui is like living in a bubble.” It was pretty cool – […]

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A 3 Minute Ritual for Self Love

Every day I have a little ritual I do without fail.  A 3 minute ritual. It’s my way to push reset. To get into my body. It’s one of my daily practices to create epic self-love.  Inspired by Mama Gena. It’s not the journaling, reading spiritual books, meditating, visualizing or even working out.  Although I […]

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Are You Over Giving or Over Drawn?

Many woman are over givers.  They feel over drawn with time and energy when it comes to giving to herself or expressing a life of passion and purpose.  Sound familiar?  Ok, so let’s change this.  What I have learned profoundly is that – it is okay to give to yourself ! And, even more than […]

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THE SHIFT Movie – A Movie Made by A Movement

I am very drawn to what is happening on the planet and within each of us.  We have an opportunity to bring forth more of what we desire as individuals by being part of a collective positive, loving support and energy to live healthy, wealthy, and wise.  This is also a time to embrace our […]

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In Between Dreams and Fears

Do you ever feel like you are in between your dreams and your fears?  Me too, I've definitely felt that way.  If you know me, you know I have big dreams.If you know me, you know that I am sensitive.  Sensitive to the degree of dis-empowering myself at times.   I'm also sensitive to the the […]

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Happiness. Woman to Woman.

"What do you need to make you happy? What are the ingredients you require?”  A question I asked one of my girlfriends recently.  Her answer? A beautiful, blank smile with a shrug of her shoulders. She had no idea what she wanted or what she associated with happiness or pleasure.  That was me at one […]

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The Goddess Mindset – Tap Into Yours

The Goddess Mindset – Tap Into Yours by Teresa Salhi When working with my female clients on how to tap into their inner confidence, feminine power or their biggest desires, one of the first things we work on is mindset. Their Goddess Mindset. Truth is, it isn't a lack of skill, capability or experience that […]

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Money Mantra

 A Feminine Empowered Money Mantra I am a wealthy feminine empowered woman. Money comes to me at the speed of light. I integrate my spiritual and material wealth through love and gratitude. I am a money magnet. I am always at the right place at the right time to meet the right people to create […]

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What Is Holding Me Back?

What is Holding Me Back? Do you ever think, "what is holding me back from moving forward in my life or career?" Like, here I am.standing in my power, feeling the call of my soul, knowing I am ready to take the leap and soar to new heights…….but I just don't do it.  There's something […]

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Courage To Dream

                     Have you seen those bumper stickers that say – “No Fear?”  In my opinion,               they should say “Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway!” The most successful people are always courageous. They feel fear just like everyone else, however they have a habit of moving toward the thing they fear, rather than away from […]

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Thinking Positive Doesn’t Aways Work

Do you ever feel you want something so bad that it hurts?  Like it's somehow impossible for you to have? And as time goes by  you start thinking that you're not doing enough – or you're not worthy of this thing that you see so many others enjoying.   Oh, it can get so frustrating […]

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It’s Not About Him, It’s About You

    I remember asking myself if the reason I hadn't find found the right guy had to do with me really wanting to find him? Afterall, I had a couple of failed marriages behind me.  I was on a personal growth journey and using newly found concepts of the Law of Attraction in my […]

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Confident Woman – Understanding Feminine Energy

Thumbnail image for Confident Woman – Understanding Feminine Energy

Someone asked me the other day if I thought others understood what I meant when I talked about being a confident woman with feminine power or feminine energy. My answer was “probably not all.”  But some do and more will. I haven’t always understood the meaning behind those words either – the truth is I […]

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Letting Go

What the heck does it mean to let go? What am I supposed to be letting go of? Someone, something, a thought, feeling, action, the past – what?  Unity Church says, Let Go,  Let God.    I remember the first time I heard that I was eager and confused.   As a woman highly interested in her […]

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Holiday Stress. Tips for Superwoman.

Holiday Stress & Tips for Superwoman Knowing When to Say YES and When to Say NO   I'm writing you from the still December evening in my Arizona home – avoiding holiday stress.  It's been quite cold here this weekend with evening temps in the 30's. Which Which may not sound cold to many of […]

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None Of Your Business

It's None of Your Business What They Think Self-Confidence Is Up To You   Do you ever wonder how other perceive see you? How does their opinion affect your own self-confidence?  Most of us do wonder what others think. In fact, I've read that nearly 99% of all human beings wonder about that. It's completely […]

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Living an Average Life

Are You Living an Average Life?  In the average or C+ life, things are ok but not great. All the right life elements are in place: ok job, good friends, people you love. The checklist items are mostly checked.  The problem is, something feels off. Life feels like it is happening in black and white, […]

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Becoming the Queen of Your Life is using your feminine power Every woman can be the Queen of her own live, her own heart- if she chooses.  It isn’t something she does, it is who she is.   She must decide how to govern her own life. She seeks friends and relationships that honor who she is […]

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Do You Have A Confident Woman Creed?

Confident Woman Creed Everyday I have a choice and opportunity to be that which I desire – which is simply put – to be a courageous, empowered and confident woman. Now it’s not that being a confident woman is always simple or easy and at times far from it!  But that is in essence what […]

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No More Ms. Ordinary-Hello Sassy, Confident Me!

No More Miss Nice and Ordinary…Hello Miss Sassy, Confident Me! Are you too hard on yourself, expect too much from others or get overwhelmed, especially during the holidays?   If so darling, you may consistently fall prey to a very pesky mindset of disappointment. When we presume or hope that others will be have in […]

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How Do I Develop More Self Love?

How Do I Develop More Self-Love?                                       I read an article by T. Mohr and it inspired me to share what helped me form deeper understanding and foundations.   And I have to agree- it is a bit mystifying when hearing hear personal growth and life coachy folks tell us to love ourselves more — as […]

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Discovering Feminine, Empowered and Goddess Purpose

Discovering Feminine, Empowered and Goddess Purpose                                                        There is a purpose for your life, whether you believe it or not. You may have to take several paths, but with a little digging, you can find where you’re meant to be. The first clue to figuring out your purpose […]

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Get Your Groove Back

Letting Go & Finding Pleasure – Back In The Groove! Have you ever felt a little out of sync with life and what is going on around you? I sure have.  For example, on the outside everything’s perfect, yet on the inside it’s all ho hum and somehow I just cannot get excited about my […]

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What Purpose Does Life Want From You

What Purpose Does Life Want For You? As I began to ask the question to myself recently about my purpose, it didn't take long to start getting some answers.  I noticed a difference from a few years ago when I felt  I couldn't decipher or understand the thoughts I was having at that time.   Maybe […]

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Dare To Be Beautiful

Dare To Be Beautiful, Try This! A beauty dare? Yeah, it's a funny thing about beauty – if you don't know that you are beautiful, you might as well not be.  Your life and happiness will not reflect the beauty that others see in you, and your experiences will mirror the lack you perceive in […]

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Broken Promises

Broken Promises by Teresa Salhi Are you guilty of broken promises? Many people are and have been for a long time. Maybe you know what I mean. It's sad but true. It isn’t intentional, but it is happening. It often shows up in the form of: * Commitments not kept * Things change * Quitting […]

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A Valentine Love Aftermath From A Single Woman

Sorry Jerry Maguire, but I complete me! We have just endured, February 14, Valentine’s Day. Often dismissed as a Hallmark holiday, it actually has origins dating back to ancient pagan tradition. The modern custom of candy and cards, however, is far removed from those distant beginnings. Regardless of where or when it started, Valentine’s Day […]

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5 ‘Must Have’ Female Friends – Are You One of Them?

You don't get to choose your family, but you do get to choose your friends. Because we are such diverse individuals, we often find ourselves seeking various  types of friendships that fulfill different parts of our life  – emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. It's rare to have one female friend that can fulfill all of […]

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Your Soul Mate Is Here

Have you found your "soul mate"?  Our soul mate is often referred to as the perfect romantic partner who ''gets'' you like no other person does or breathes life's rhythm with you  or as Phoebe referred to, (on an episode of the TV series, Friends), as "your lobster."'  Apparently, when lobsters find their mate, they […]

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Am I A Deeply Fulfilled, Adored & Purposeful?

What training have you had to be a deeply fulfilled woman, who is living joyfully and passionately all while feeling gratified, adored, inspiring, creative and expanding creatively and spiritually? You've likely been taught how to accomplish or how to be effective and productive, but what about being deeply fulfilled?    As 2011 and another year […]

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True Love's Kiss – Take Action For Love

 I watched a couple of older movies this week, Evan Almighty and Shrek. My husband is a huge fan of the Shrek movies, he enjoys the message of love and how Shrek overcomes his fear of it by taking action for love – for true love's kiss. He also likes, Jim Carey who plays in […]

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Are You A Control Freak?

Are you getting what you want by being a control freak? Yikes! Do you have 'control' tendencies? Many of us do and we don’t even know it. This happens so often with women. We have a natural tendency to help and take care of others but, unfortunately, it often turns into too much control of […]

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Rock Your Confidence-Meeting New People

For years I was shy and uncomfortable with meeting new people.  I was concerned that I wouldn’t know what to say. I was afraid I wouldn’t sound smart enough or interesting enough.  There were times I would go out of my way to avoid an encounter in public.  On a few occasions, I flat out, […]

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The Lifecycle of Self Belief

I want to remind you something today.  I want to remind you that you are an amazing and beautiful soul that has been bestowed upon our world.  Yes….you are. I hope this is your self belief too.  When you believe this, you can hold your head high and know that it is in your unique […]

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Do Your Conversations Hurt or Inspire Others?

Have you ever experienced conversations where your words and meaning came out all wrong? Where your conversations was more hurtful than inspiring. Either the other person misunderstood what you meant or you did not  effectively communicate what you meant?  Both of these scenarios can be so frustrating!  When these conversations happen, we end up feeling […]

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How to Visualize

Do you want to learn visualize or see and imagine your dreams in a way that they feel really possible and move your forward with heart and soul and eagerness, motivation and belief?  Do you want to create a juicier life, career or relationship but you feel lost when it comes time to get clear […]

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Boost Your Self Esteem By Running

  Running is a great self-esteem booster, especially if you are a beginning runner.  Running will allow you to test and expand your limits like never before.  With each milestone you reach you will find yourself more confident and able to take on the world. Starting out slow reaps big rewards Even if you can’t […]

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From Neediness to Natural Confidence

From Neediness to Confidence

By Teresa Salhi from Empower The Dream Do you walk the talk of a confident womanl? Especially when it comes to being successful and integrating career and personal life? I have always enjoyed seminars, especially on personal growth and business. I've heard many a speaker advise on the success how-to's.  There's a plethora of advice […]

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Value of Me – Lesson in Self Worth

By Teresa Grooms Salhi at Empower The Dream Dalai Lama – Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values. Our personal value or self worth is what we stand for in the world in which we live.  It often comes to us naturally, yet many of our values can be nourished […]

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Do You Demonstrate Charisma?

By Teresa Salhi  I love the word Charisma. Being Charismatic. It sounds so intriguing, sexy, allluring and of high quality. For as long as I can remember, I have given attention to what being charismatic means and what it takes to cultivate, even when it comes to my body language.  I wanted to develop more of this beautiful and unique art of […]

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