Money Mantra

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

 A Feminine Empowered Money Mantra

I am a wealthy feminine empowered woman. Money comes to me at the speed of light. I integrate my spiritual and material wealth through love and gratitude. I am a money magnet. I am always at the right place at the right time to meet the right people to create the right relationship.  I have a consistently growing bank account. Money comes into my account faster than I can spend it.  I have more money at the end of my life than life at the end of my money. I pay myself first no matter what because I am worth it, because I deserve it and because I love myself.  I thank people that rely on me for their services. I assure that fair exchange is maintained. All my bills are paid. I am debt free forever.  I live in beautiful flowing abundance. I am able to support the growth of humanity including women and children who need money to release their voice and potential. I  am fulfilled with how I respect money and how it respects me. I maximize my discipline and patience for these are the qualities of financial maturity. I allow myself to receive abundance – receiving is a feminine empowered gift that I now embrace.  May all of this or something even greater happen to the highest good of all concerned.

This is a  modified version from a lovely woman who was in a mastermind program with me….thank you Kathrin!

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What Is Holding Me Back?

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Do you ever think, what is holding me back from moving forward in my life or our career?

Like, here I am …standing in my power, feeling the calling of my soul, knowing I am ready to leap off the cliff… but…I don’t go for it.

There’s something holding me back, again.


It’s different for everyone but a few common themes and beliefs that hold women back are around time, money, relationships, health, education.

But what if I told you  – it’s not that, it’s not true!

What if I told you that It’s Not What You Think?!

Einstein once said “You cannot fix a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it.” 

So, if you can’t fix a problem with the 4% of your conscious mind that is creating the problem…

how are you supposed to make any significant change in your life?

You do it differently - you access the 96% of the subconscious that is really running the show! 

Woman Expanding Mind   shutterstock 40670914 What Is Holding Me Back?

I’ve learned this lesson through years of repeating patterns that didn’t serve me. Until I learned the secret ingredient I’d been missing

that allowed meto do things completely differently.  I encourage you to find your secret ingredient too.

The secret for me is in the awareness that I cannot always work from the level of the mind only.  In the program

Feminine Way – Manifesting The Life You Really Want

we talk alot about being the leaders of our own movement. To be high vibrational women. To stop following the crowd, the drama, the guilt, the

limiting patterns, the loneliness and comparing yourself to others out there  – we need to embrace a radical approach that bypasses the mind

and goes to the heart of the matter - the subconscious.  We also need to engage – embody – understand the power of your divine feminine.

This is why women like you, who are smart, with big desires and alot of experience and knowledge, are still blocked and have “stuff” coming

up in your lives that you “can’t figure out.”‘  It’s because the stuff that’s occurring is not at the level of the mind! It’s not about being smart or

getting it “right.”   If you leave it up to your subconscious, it will always outmaneuver you.

So what’s a girl to do?

Reach out and get help.  Stop spinning. Stop self sabotaging. Stop getting on the roller coaster –

downward spiral, upward spiral, down again.

There is an opportunity to get the help you need.  If you want individualized support – it’s what I do and I am good at.  How do I know?

Well , I’ve been too.  For years.  And now I dedicate my waking hours to working with women like us – who have so much potential but there’s

this one little area that stops the unfolding of …everything!

If this is you, let’s change this before another day, week, year goes by….

Please contact me here and tell me what you are feeling….get it out. I promise to listen and to respond. 

I can offer lightening bolts of insights and perhaps- we’ll get you re-connected to your personal power again.

Please include your name, email and phone number (all required to get a response). 

You deserve to get the support you need.  Stop trying to figure out solutions with the same frame of mind

that lead you down that path in the first place. It’s not your fault and there is a solution.

Don’t want to share  – just yet? That’s ok.   Maybe you would like to start with the program I mentioned earlier – have a look at…

Feminine Way – Manifesting The Life You Really Want.

Are you ready to put yourself out there and live, love and prosper in a new way?

It’s time for you to live as a high vibrational woman is jumping off the cliff  – and soaring! 

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Courage To Dream

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

                     Have you seen those bumper stickers that say – “No Fear?”  In my opinion, 
             they should say “Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway!”
The most successful people are always courageous. They feel fear just like everyone else, however they have
a habit of moving toward the thing they fear, rather than away from it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson offered some simple advice,
“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.
The courage muscle can be developed just like any other muscle.”

When we think about courage, it’s usually stories of heroism that come to mind. But for millions of women (and men) around          the world, courage comes in a very different form. It’s a quiet voice that gives us the strength to go for another day. Take 5 minutes and be inspired by this movie celebrating the courage and strength of others just like you. 



Enjoy deepening your connection to your inner peace and power.

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woman90 Thinking Positive Doesnt Aways WorkDo you ever feel you want something so bad that it hurts?  Like it’s somehow impossible for you to have? And as

time goes by  you start thinking that you’re not doing enough – or you’re not worthy of this thing that you see so

many others enjoying.

Oh, it can get so frustrating and can put you in a tailspin of negative thoughts and feelings.  And before

you know it, one negative thought leads to another – all taking you in a downward spiral of more and more feelings

of inadequacy.


Or maybe you do trust that you can have what you so deeply desire – the love, the job, the friends, fun, etc…. and

you believe the Universe is on your side!  Yet, sometimes you catch yourself monitoring every thought – even

getting a little obsessive with trying to keep them positive when it seems as if it’s taking so long to get your

dreams out of your head and into your physical life.

You start to doubt.  You keep track of time and compare yourself to others – often creating more doubt.


You begin to doubt if you’re doing all the right actions – you question your confidence.  You get confused if you’re

listening more to our intuition and divine guidance or being just in your head all the time and following what society

says you must do, or be or believe or whatever….


Yep, I know, been there.


I know when I get like that – I have to let go!  Easier said than done. This is why I chose “letting go” as my theme

for 2014.  My intention is to practice it more and more – to put a conscious spotlight on what I need to let go of

– which generally all comes down to self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and trusting the outside world more than my inner



So, I meditate.


I didn’t always know how.  And early on, I even thought it was weird to say it out loud – “I meditate.”  But not any

more, I know it works.  It is a practice of clearing your mind of clutter, garbage, negative self talk and to stop

thinking of all the craziness!


On the road to quietness – I found it helped to get some reprogramming.  To HEAR what aligns with my

higher self and to allow myself a few moments to cherish and explore my dreams.  For example, guided

meditations.  They  help a great deal!  Sharing the right words that keep you from taking a downward dive

into a endless pity party.  But rather an expansion of the dreams you are savoring.


I have one to share with you from Meditainment that will inspire and help you to let go and get back in your

groove! Please listen to this, you’ll be glad you did. I promise you will like it and maybe even choose to listen to

every day – which I highly recommend! This is for you darling! Listen now!

Come back and let me know what you think of this – how did it make you feel?



With love,

Teresa Salhi

You deserve to feel good and align with your highest self so that you can have what you desire and deserve in your life right now.

Here’s another idea that will support your desire to come true – others do and so can you!



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reflection Its Not About Him, Its About You


I remember asking myself if the reason I hadn’t find the right guy had to do with me really wanting to find him?

Afterall, I had a couple of failed marriages behind me.  I was on a personal growth journey and using newly found concepts of the Law of

Attraction in my life.  I was attracting men – just not the forever one.

So, what was up with not finding the one with all this experience I had and re-focus of what I wanted vs. what I didn’t?

And, was it true that the older you get the less choices you have? Or that the good ones are either already married or

too old, or tainted somehow?


What I discovered was – it had nothing to do with him but it did have to do with the real answer to my question. 

Whether not I was ready to find  him – it was about me.  And who I was attracting was really a reflection of me.  Was

my heart ready to do it again? The last marriage felt like it ended on our honeymoon.

Sure we had 3 years together but it still felt new and we were in love,  or so we thought, or so we said. But it ended. 

Ugh. And it hurt.  It was a decision-less like decision that had to be made.  Him or her.  Her as in my daughter. 

I chose her. That was the decision that was obvious yet extremely painful to  make.


Maybe I was afraid to open my heart again and fall in love.  My experience was that if I open my heart and form a deep

bond again with a man, then I might lose him. This is one reason why it seems so much easier to find someone who is

right for us when we are younger, in our teens and early 20s.  It’s because, when we are younger, we are still fresh and

don’t focus on the bad things and the pains of loving someone.


I now believe that if you truly want something, had no doubt about – and are a personal reflection of it, you’d have it. 

Which means that if you wanted a deeper relationship with a man, you’d have one. And  the only thing stopping you or

me from having it is the story we tell ourselves about why we CAN’T have it.

Ex: Not enough men in my town, not enough good men around, I’m too intimidating to men, I am ready for love, etc.


I can totally respect the unconscious things that stop you from attracting the right man….you see, love is scary. 

But connection is not so scary.   Most people settle for just a surface connection with lovers or friends because love is

too scary.  That was my case anyway…for awhile.

Until I learned something.

The truth is, we will likely be be deeply hurt at times, in a relationship.    Deeply hurt doesn’t mean I’m saying a man

will cheat on you or beat you!  I mean, you will feel all sorts of pain that comes with being  close to another human being:

- Loss

- Disappointment

- Rage

- Uncertainty

- Frustration

- Misunderstanding


Even just that fact that a man is built almost NOTHING like us is reason and cause for the pain and the misunderstandings.

It’s always harder to be friends with or be in a relationship with someone who is NOT like us. Because we trick ourselves to

believe that we cannot trust them.  Men can be like jerks by nature, and they can also be insensitive by nature – because

jerk-like behavior ( I don’t need you or anyone, I can do it all, I know it all) and insensitivity are actually just part of

masculine energy.


It’s a feminine term…but usually, women who say this are misunderstanding that the very thing that causes a man’s

insensitivity is the very thing that causes her to be attracted to him in the first place.  Ha.   Now, any good man is going

to have some jerk-like behavior in him.   Just as any good woman will have some bitch in her.  I know this is definitely

true for me.  Sometimes it serves and sometimes it does not.  And furthermore, it is not really about him, it is

about you – about me.


How much do You REALLY want to find love?

How much do you really know you? Know who you are and what you want? REALLY?

I’m referring to your ACTIONS when it comes to finding love.

Because it’s what you DO on a daily basis says if you really do or do not want to find love.  I remember wanting love but also saying out loud to others

that I don’t want to go places where there are only couples or kissy-face people. Things like that.


Perhaps what you’re looking for is reasons to NOT be in love?

And this is much like the person who wants to lose weight too.  And  somewhere along the line they realize

that… I’m saying I’m trying to lose weight but I’m actually sitting on my couch eating chocolate all day.


This person doesn’t REALLY want to lose weight.  They just want to fill their life up with some more love and

connection, so that they no longer have to feel like a failure.  And so that they no longer have to go to food to give the

illusion that they are connected and that their belly is filled.   If they did this then they would automatically start losing

weight. Because they’re no longer using FOOD to fill their emotional need for love.


If you’re afraid of being in a relationship…then you will find ALL sorts of reasons why the the problems or the

this or that.

Sure, you don’t WANT to trust a  man you shouldn’t trust! Like a man who actually has malicious intent and regularly

dis-empowers you or tries to deliberately hurt you for his own ego.

Men like that do exist.  But why does it matter to YOU?   It is irrelevant to YOU, if you are not looking for a man like that!

It’s not really about them.


If you REALLY want to find love with a man, then every single DAY, you MUST be practice having an open heart. 


You MUST be practicing relaxing your facial muscles when you tense up out of fear.   You MUST practice connecting not

just with MEN, but with human beings. You know that.    I knew that deep down and why I choose to work on me first.

To first spend time alone.  Be ok with me first.  Love me first.  This helped to prepare me to openly connect with others

and not close down the minute something threatened me.


I realized that a big sign of closing down included  JUDGING OTHERS.

When you’re judging a man, you’re closing yourself off to relationship.   When you judge another woman, you’re

closing yourself off to relationship with that woman….when perhaps, she could make a good friend to you.

This is what what most  people do. Because it’s safer or so we think.


But the truth is that your heart openness is what will invite GREAT men and GREAT people in.


Practice having an open heart.  Do everything you do from a place of believing in love and having faith in the value that

love has to bring.  Too many women these days care only about their own significance when it comes to their looks only.

If you want more depth from him, give it to yourself first and see your significance from the inside out.


Teresa Salhi

140 1157 Its Not About Him, Its About You

If you are needing personal support, someone to talk to, some new perspectives on love – I can help.  Please feel free to reach out

to me for a chat on what can be done to get you back on track to receiving all the love you desire and deserve.  More here


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Confident Women Understand Feminine Energy

womanshave1 Confident Women Understand Feminine Energy

Someone asked me the other day if I thought others understood what I meant when I talked about feminine power or feminine energy. My answer was “probably not all.”  But some do and more will. I haven’t always understood the meaning behind those words either – the truth is I continue to get it more all the time.

It has been through my  own personal experience and personal growth that has lead me to this most empowering information that has literally changed my life.  I  also say this about the discovery of the law of attraction too that I often talk about and is behind everything I do.

I used to think feminine power meant to be a bitch or to force your opinion, to be demanding or a “not take any crap from anyone” kind of attitude.  You know, to be like a man in a woman’s body.   But that is not at all what I understand now.

 And unfortunately it might be our society that teaches us this dis-empowering description.  And why we are so confused at times.

What I know now is it’s not the forcing of our personal power but rather quite the opposite.  It is more powerful than a forcing of action on the exterior of our being because it is an internal energy that aligns with our innate being.

I’ve always heard women described in ways of nurturing, passive or emotional.   And often the descriptions had a weakness undertone.

When I speak about feminine energy these days I am not speaking toward weakness or force – or only about women.  

Most of my life has been in unawareness of the feminine mystique, but 6 or 7 years ago I begin to delve into this topic  as it came naturally to me through the intentional  seeking  of personal improvement in myself  and my life.  

In my personal experience of becoming a more confident as woman and diminish behaviors of low self-esteem, it has definitely been due to the understanding of BALANCING the feminine and masculine energies within me – and yes we all have both.  

Let me explain what it means to be in your masculine or feminine energy along with some of the traits for each.

When someone (male or female) is primarily in their masculine energy, some of the ways they behave include: aggressive, decisive, providing, logical, leading, direct or directive, protective, competitive, planning, strong, controlling, and end result oriented.

 When, someone is primarily in their feminine energy, their characteristics include: intuitive, connective, relational, cooperative, receiving, emotional, collaborative, flexible, magnetic and journey oriented.

None of these traits are bad or undesirable. In fact, all of these characteristics are beneficial. As you read through both sets of traits, something becomes evident though—masculine energies are all about “doing,” while feminine energies speak to “being.” The key is to understand when each serves us and to be able to identify if we’re out of balance and how to get back in alignment.

I became aware of my ‘out of balance’ while working in a corporate high demanding job.  This was also a time that I was divorced and living on my own for the first time in my life.  I was worn out at work -although making good money, I would often drive to work in tears because it just wasn’t me – and I had already experienced 2 failed marriages.

 It was a transformational time in my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything – although some of that transformation pushed me out of my comfort zone and often while kicking and screaming. 

But it also pushed me into being a more confident woman who knows what she wants, knows what to do when things get a little crazy and even understands how to better communicate with men.  In fact, I believe this to be the key reason why I am now with my soul mate.  I know that we would not have met had I not been on a path to go deeper into relation building with myself first so I could develop the deeper relationship with my now husband.  I guess I would say it has even turned out to be amazing marriage advice too.

So when I speak of feminine power or feminine energy, I have a strong belief in the support it can offer women to look a closer within and see if they are out of balance with their own masculine and feminine energy.  As women, we are often taught to be like men if we are to be successful.  Also, to be stronger in the masculine ways of competition, doing it all ourselves, or being in our ‘head’ all the time.

When we can allow ourselves to receive, to collaborate, and to ‘feel’ before doing, we can begin to de-stress and hear our internal guidance on what actions to take first instead of the other way around. 

We can show up in romantic partnerships more confident in whom we are and let him be who he is – this is super important for harmony in love.  He does not want to be with a masculine woman in the private moments of our time together.

I want to talk about this, I want to learn, I want to be successful in love life and all there is.  I also want other women to explore and feel into this with their own desires of being more confident, peaceful, happy and loved.

Teresa Salhi

140 1157 Confident Women Understand Feminine Energy

The purpose at Empower The Dream and Power of She Business & Lifestyle Networking is to make a difference in the transformation of women’s lives, supporting them as they tap into their potential, encouraging them to expect more as they open up to her personal power, to become unstoppable, to turn their dreams into reality and finally embody the belief that they the dream maker in their life.

Feminine Way Audio Course Here

The Feminine Art of MANifesting Big Love Online E-Course

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Keeping It Real. Letting It Go.

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Letting go. 

757468ef8aa02e330d6ff718cb6b2ac1 Keeping It Real. Letting It Go.What the heck does it mean? What am I supposed to be letting go of?

Someone, something, some thought, feeling, action, past or future? 

Unity Church says, Let Go,  Let God.    I remember the first time I heard that I was eager and

confused.   As a woman highly interested in her spiritual growth and vested in becoming who others seek

out for support and strength – I had to become one who understood what I did not.

Fast forward about 6 years. 

This year Letting Go is my theme, my word, my mantra and my celebration.  

I have an amazing life and I am doing what I love.  I am not perfect nor is my life.  I know I am in  charge of it and I am the creator and

divinely guided – that is – when I listen and when I let go.

I’ve tested it out and I can honestly tell you that letting go has to be.

I had to let go of being in charge of it all.  I said I didn’t want to do it all myself but my actions spoke louder than words. 

My husband came to the US from Algeria, needing to learn the ropes here. He depended on me to lead the way of what was considered the

American way.

I loved it and I hated it.  I wanted to be in my feminine and have my knight in shining armor take care of me – and that does not

mean I wanted to be any kind of damsel in distress.

I was associating being in charge as very masculine and it was time I let go of some of that behavior, after all, I left the corporate world

and that is where it got out of control.  My control thing that is.

I had to be in control there, I was paid to have it all together and make sure those who worked for me did too.  It was a long hard coming

into this woman that earned accolades, high fives and a bonus or two. But it made me crazy.  Crying behind the office door.  Pretending

to be that which I was not – a man in a suit.

Letting go has been a work in progress. Turning my trust of the divine over piece by piece.  Some pieces bigger than others.

The biggest ones had to do with me trusting me…

Wanting to know myself enough to feel good now, with the moment, with the body, the hair the house and the car…with the love of all my

dreams unleashed and shared out loud.  I’ve come along way.  I am very close.  And this year is honoring my effort of being the best woman,

mother, friend and wife, entrepreneur – and lover of life.

I forgive me. I forget the past. I am going for the full blown pleasure of trust and authenticity that is forever mine.

 I Let Go and Let God.  

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Slowing Down.  Knowing When To Say Yes and When to Say No. Holiday Time Tips for Superwoman.

I’m writing yodivine feminine 1 Slowing Down.  Holiday Tips for Superwoman.u from the still December evening in my Arizona home.  It’s been quite cold here this weekend with evening temps in the 30′s. Which Which may not sound cold to many of you but I say BRRRR!

It’s actually been quite perfect because the natural environment, all cold and a bit frosty are just what we humans often forget during this time of holiday craziness — December is a time to SLOW DOWN, BE STILL and BE SELECTIVE about how you spend your energy.

How’s that going for you?

For me, I’ve been wearing warm, cozy sweaters, sipping hot chocolate and doing my workouts indoors.  I am wishing I had a fireplace about now.  I’m also saying No to  things I would LOVE to do, but I feel aren’t in alignment with what my soul needs. I’m still working, creating lots of great things for 2014 with a Femme & Fearless group program coming up, a Sip & Shop Holiday Soiree with my local Power of She Business and Lifestyle Networking group that I recently started, and spending heart warming time with friends, but I’m still winding down my pace…

You see, I’ve decided to recover from the super woman, doing addict, over-giver, do it all myself kinda gal and – and this “recovery” has included practicing living in alignment with nature as a way to work less hard, have a higher impact and be happier, and as a result learned to trust a few things.

One – A  woman aligned within, can be highly creative and productive without being too busy or stressed, you just  have to practice the Feminine Magic Power of PAUSE  so you can find the stillness in the crazy.


Two – Practice super self-love in the form of self-care and self-honor, CHOOSING wisely how to spend your energy – not saying yes to everything, and being willing to say No, even if you would love to say yes.  I know that you may find it hard this month to stay out of the overwhelm, the over giving, over-eating, over-spending, over-visiting, etc – which is why I am committed to ensuring that you don’t move through December like a crazy person, only to deplete yourself and then come January be stressed out – you CANNOT start your year from that place. Well you can, but wouldn’t you rather end your year and  start 2014 MORE full of energy, joy, peace, love so you can create 2014 from a place of ENOUGHNESS, centerdness and connectedness to your authenticity.

So, I’ve got 3 tips and a couple of presents for you–to help you SLOW DOWN… BE STILL (even in the crazy )… and SELECTIVE about what you say yes to (without feeling guilty for saying no).

Say yes when it feels really right.  Give to the people and things that you love this holiday season, and RETAIN energy for yourself. Remember to GIVE to yourself. And do it before you run yourself into a cold or a sore neck. When you start feeling that run down sensation or the stress kick in, ask yourself, “Am I over-giving?” “Am I over-doing?” “Am I over extending myself?”  If the answer is yes,  stop, drop and realign your giving equation and ask “What is ENOUGH to give, to do, to offer?” and “What do I need to also GIVE myself?”


December is a time of going inward for the feminine and it’s more natural to want to cozy up at home than to flit from party to party every night. Pick your social outings wisely, doing the ones that fill you up the most. Don’t be afraid to pass on social obligations that don’t totally light you up. Decline politely, wish them holiday cheer, and then create a cozy, warm space inside your home full of self love, magic and holiday beauty. Use that energy to fill you up.


Choose the FEW Things that really matter to you and say YES to those. The self-loving, high vibrational women in you knows what is for and doesn’t   waste your vital energy carrying around feelings of guilt or obligation. She does what she needs to do and wants to do, without apologizing or being a victim or martyr.  She’s never rude, always full of love, and she has no qualms about setting healthy boundaries.  Make this a holiday that you do your way. Set the intention that you will fill yourself up with energy, love and happiness this holiday, and anything that doesn’t fit those ideas, you can pass on, without guilt or obligation.

Come 2014 – you’ll be ready to jump into the FEMME & FEARLESS Mastermind & Tribe of other eager gals, if you choose to go for it with gusto. Here’s that present for ya- Click to see more.

And it you do feel a yes to mix and mingle with other gals showcasing the best beauty and lifestyle services – take a detour to the Sip N Shop Holiday Soiree in NW Phoenix. I think it is supposed to be warmer that day too! Click to see more.

Which of the 3 Feminine Magic Powers of Pause choices will you commit to? And WHY is this important to YOU?  Go ahead and comment below too so we can witness you in support and in solidarity as you – as we – take a stand for living for what we really need.

Dream Big!

Teresa Salhi

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Self Worth

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Do you ever wonder how other people see you?

Does is change your self-worth? 

283642 4206342525561 1015542899 n Self Worth

I think most of us do.  In fact, I’ve read that nearly 99% of all human beings wonder about that. It’s completely normal.

And pretty scary.

Because you don’t really know what others think about you  – so you often make assumptions. Maybe they didn’t understand a joke you made and now you worry if they think you’re weird. Or maybe you accidentally said something stupid, and now your fear everyone at the party might think you’re dumb, despite all the other clever stuff that came out of your mouth earlier that evening…

It is very normal to feel insecure about this. But things are usually very different from what you think.

Maybe those people found you very funny, or brilliant, or attractive.

If only you knew…or if you only had the confidence to believe in yourself and not react harshly or worse yet, dim your magnificent light because of ‘what if’s.’

The truth is – it’s really none of your business what others think about you.  You cannot control their thoughts or know where or how their  perceptions come about anyway. And you cannot allow it to hinder your self-worth.

Now, believe me – I have experience with this kind of insecurity too! And even though I’ve let go of most of those concerns, it does creep up on me from time to time.

Our feeling of worthiness or self-worth must come from within.  If we depend on the thoughts and feelings of others to control us – then we are continually putting our life’s creation in their  hands!

Think of it like this:

Instead of trying so hard to be the object of  their love, their admiration, their definition of who you are….

Why not BE the source of love, adoring yourself, defining who you are  first.

And then showing up as that person….

With Confidence

With Self Acceptance.

With Inner peace.

With  Self Worth.

Without Judgement

Without Fear.

Without Worry.

Without Giving Up.

You can begin by crashing through your own self doubts and fears by giving yourself credit for all the amazing things you have done.  Recognizing your unique gifts.  Loving the body that loves you everyday and breathes life through without even asking for it.

The Universe has a way of bringing you the love, the life, the experiences the abundance and joy that you crave when you decide to own your worthiness.

It cannot not come to you when you believe in you.

When you are in love with you – you attract more love into your life.

When you believe you  have the ability to do anything – you attract opportunities to help you learn.

When you allow yourself to have fun today – you attract more and more joy.

When you stop judging yourself so harshly – so do others.

When you do your best – others see it – and help you.

When you face your fears are inner demons – they diminish.   They turn into rewards, accomplishments and celebrations!

Facing fears is often about getting out of your comfort zone.  Stop worrying about what they think.  Doing something that is less reactive and more proactive.

So many times in my past I didn’t do or say or act or dress or go someplace because I was afraid I wasn’t worthy somehow…or that I would be judged in a negative way.  All I was really doing was limiting myself based on my OWN thoughts  – not theirs. I was pre-paving what I didn’t want.

But I’ve changed.  I make myself do it. I go. I speak. I even make mistakes.  But you know what?  I have learned a hell of lot more, accomplished amazing things and I am proud of myself  now more than ever.

And even with the mistakes I’ve made – facing my fears – feels so much better than kicking my self in the booty for not even trying or worrying about what others think of me.

How can you begin today to feel more worthy about you? To create your dreams based on an inner power instead of an outer illusion?

Luckily, there is a way to learn more about yourself.

There is a way to learn about the part of your beautiful personality that you are desiring to share with others.

So that when you meet a potential new friend, or even lover, or meet a potential client or go on a special job interview – you won’t feel so insecure…

Because you know your strengths and you are overcoming your weaknesses.

You know what opportunities lie ahead of you and small challenges will not stop you.

And it will make your life so much easier.

If you are reading this then maybe you are feeling an inner tug to crash thru some fears and to step into your greatness! To be the full expression of you – in all your feminine glory!

I invite you to go on a journey with me, with other amazing gals – who are ready to reclaim their worth and do what they’ve longed to do – a journey into a new era of new you.

 I’m calling this journey Femme & Fearless.  A Mastermind and Coaching Club for a tribe of worthy women!

You can be so much happier and your are certainly worthy of it all!

Here’s to beautiful!

Teresa Salhi
Please feel free to check out our upcoming group and apply (without obligation).  I am here to answer any questions you may have too.  Let’s make 2014 about you being Femme & Fearless!
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Living an Average Life

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Are You Living an Average Life?

woman field Living an Average Life

 In the average or C+ life, things are ok but not great. All the right life elements are in place: ok job, good friends, people you love. The checklist items are

mostly checked.  The problem is, something feels off. Life feels like it is happening in black and white, rather than in full color. Something in you

keeps asking, “Is this all there is?” The first C+ life I noticed was mine. I had a job that I enjoyed, a great marriage, a lovely home, and wonderful


I had good health and good relationships with family. But I had a subtle, very uncomfortable sense that I was not living my right life.


I don’t think of the alternative to the C+ life as an A+ one, because that implies perfection, or life as a test to ace, which is really the opposite of

what I’m talking about.  I think of the alternative to the C+ life as a life that you know you will conclude with a sense of, “Yes, I was really here.

I really did it. I lived, I experienced, I created, I had impact.” It’s a life that is regularly move-you-to-tears poignant, that feels graced with joy.


You could say I’ve spent the past couple of years facing fears and leaving C+, and now, part of my work is helping other people do the same.

If you know that your life – or a part of your life – is hanging out in the grays of C+, here’s what you can do to bring it back into full color:


Forge A Unique Path: Leaving C+ means leaving the herd. The life that will bring you huge meaning and fulfillment probably doesn’t look like the

life your buddies or family members are leading.What really brings you joy? What matters most to you? What are your loves and longings?


Do Your Right Work: Your right work is the work you feel called to do, the contribution you feel called to make. I don’t know anyone who is

feeling thrilled and jazzed about life who is not also focused on a making a particular, inspired contribution to the world. Your real work can

happen through your job, or outside of it.


Reclaim Your Joys. In leaving my B life, I came to terms with the fact that the things I really loved when I was five were, for the most part,

the things that were going to make me happy as an adult. It’s almost laughably simple. Then we make it complicated. Those things you loved

years ago matter. Reclaim them.


Lean Into the Questions: Usually, leaving C+ (or C- etc.) lives comes with uncomfortable and unanswered questions about what we want,

what the future will hold, and how to make change in the midst of our responsibilities. As much as you can, see the questions as sources of

meaning in themselves—rather than as obstacles to get over. When we see them this way, answers have a soft, welcoming place in which

to emerge.


  Let Fear Be Your Companion: Doing all of this will evoke fear. In fact it can often feel like lighting a fear bonfire underneath your booty.

There is no going after our right life without doing lots of things that will scare the heck out of us. I’ve come to think of it like this: I’m driving

along the road of my life, and fear is the fork in the road that I encounter every few hundred miles.  Requiring me to check and decide which

way I want to go.

It is not forcing me down one road or another but allowing me to choose.  And it often feels fearful at first but when I trust in myself and divine

guidance, I put the car in gear and head for the path of least resistance!  Sometimes a little bumpy at first but the journey is so freakin’ amazing!


I’ve also learned that it is possible to develop fear callouses, a kind of beneficial accustom like feeling to fear. We can get in the habit of feeling

afraid every day and still making the phone call, telling the difficult truth, taking the risk. Our little egos get bopped around all the time as things

work out well or not. We recover and, good news: the recovery time gets shorter and shorter as we keep choosing action alongside the fear.


Create your unique path. Do your real work. Reclaim your joys. Lean into the questions, and let fear be your fork in the road. There really is

something on the other side of the C+ life. It’s beautiful, and much more fun. It is waiting for you.




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by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Becoming the Queen of Your Life

is using your feminine power

rose girl Queendom

Every woman can be the Queen of her own live, her own heart- if she chooses.  It isn’t something she does, it is who she is.   She must decide how to govern her own life. She seeks friends and relationships that honor who she is and who she is becoming. She has the power to create miracles.

 She does not know how or when her needs will be met, but she trusts the will of the Divine.

Being the Queen of one's life is not about being the ruler over anyone else's life or ideas.

And it isn't even about calling herself a Queen – it's more of a feeling.  A feeling of self honor. It is about choice. It is about knowing her limits and setting her boundaries. It is about learning how to live with what comes her way, with as much grace, majesty and justice as she can.

 And sometimes, yes, she has to have her own way!  She knows she has a calling to greatness within her. She leads her own life as grand experiment in happiness, in creativity, and in abundance. She offers her gifts to others, but not to her own detriment.

She rests as she needs to, ruling one's own life takes energy. She chooses to embody wholeness, her sovereign essence, even when she feels fragmented by all there is to do, and be.

She holds the prayers of the world within her because she cares what happens – with all beings even though she cannot reach them all. She reaches whom she can. She often feels like she is not pulling it all off, and sometimes she isn't.  But she keeps reaching anyway.

She keeps opening her heart and being in her own power. She governs her life in gratitude. She is the Queen of her own life and she knows that, and that is a very good thing! 

Find your Queendom!

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Do You Have Low Self Esteem?

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

The Cycle of Low Self Esteem

womangrunge Do You Have Low Self Esteem?


Oftentimes we are always looking for validation from others to make ourselves feel like we are doing a good job. It matters so much that we overboard with giving in order to be liked. But in the end we feel like being so nice doesn’t seem us ahead at all …

Sound familar?

The truth is – the need for validation from other people is an issue that comes from low self-esteem. What I've learned is this need comes from the perception that you aren’t worthy of appreciation and it actually started prior to age 7 or 8.


Congratulations on taking the first step to overcoming the need for validation by recognizing that you may have something you need to work on here.

It can be very difficult to overcome unless you really want to overcome it. If we don’t truly believe that we are worthy of appreciation on the inside, we’re always going to be seeking validation from others that we are okay.

The problem is that no matter how much others tell us that we did a good job, deep down we don’t believe it.

So say you completed a project and someone tells you that you did a good job. It feels great but the feeling dissipates quickly. That’s because a person who needs to be appreciated will always be on the lookout for when they are not being appreciated. They are always concerned about what others think about them. This is a characteristic of low self esteem.

When a person doesn’t get the appreciation they are looking for it can be extremely painful or even devastating. This causes them to feel resentful and that leads to anger.

A person who is really trying to overcome self esteem issues in their life has to be aware of the cycle and all the places in their life where this shows up. They have to know how the cycle works.

It always leads to self-sabotage. People with the need to be appreciated will start sabotaging different areas of their life because they don’t feel appreciated.

Here is an an integration exercise that will help you overcome the need for appreciation if you really want to overcome it.

A) For every person who comes into your life, find one thing you can honestly appreciate about them in that moment.

B) Start journaling what you’re finding to appreciate in other people, and begin to see these qualities in yourself.

C) Start to take a look at how wonderful you really are as a human being and an individual – this will help you to improve your self esteem in see the value you already have.

Don’t underestimate how much the need to be appreciated actually holds you back in your life. It is monumental in business, love and overall life success!


With love!

Teresa Salhi


P.S. Another way for a woman to embrace her worthiness, her inner confidence so that she go create the life, love and purpose she longs for is to get fully connected to her feminine power and align that with the divine. We teach this in our 5 week teleclass. You can read about it and register for it here Feminine Way. You are meant to love and be loved and have the life you dream!


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Do You Have A Confident Woman Creed?

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Confident Woman Creed

woman sunset Do You Have A Confident Woman Creed?

Everyday I have a choice and opportunity to be that which I desire – which is simply put – to be a courageous, empowered and confident woman.

Now it’s not that being a confident woman is always simple or easy and at times far from it!  But that is in essence what I aspire to and what I know many other women do too. 

A creed is described as fundamental beliefs or guiding principles.  Perhaps better stated as what you already believe or the belief of who you aspire to be. 

I catch myself sometimes in an in-between moment of who I say or believe I am and who I am becoming.  These in-between moments come out of some sheer chaos and fear driven drama.  But I understand now that personal growth generally comes about like that and we become more confident as we evolve. We tend to have our biggest breakthroughs when we push past our ego trying to keep us small and busy with something unimportant and finally let go of that to step into the fear of doing the thing that our authentic self really wants us to do instead.  

So for me this really showed up when I left corporate world and stepped into entrepreneurship. One day I was all full of sassy confidence that pretty much came from corporate success but when on my own, it looked more pissy than sassy.  Ha.  You see the in-between was confident in the former career but still on the way in the new lifestyle business. 

I found myself in those in-between moments quite a bit – kicking, crying and being Ms. Drama Queen. Thank goodness for the well of determination and belief I’ve always had deep inside – and when I got a grip again – it is what would push me through to the other side.  The more I developed my self spiritually, the more my inner strength would kick in. 

So with some support and inspiration from a mentor, I wrote a Confident Woman Creed that I can embrace and reference when in need.

It’s not so much a an affirmation or mantra – as those are what you can repeat to yourself until it manifests in your life, as in something you want the Universe to give you. But a creed is what I am, who I aspire to be if not yet, it’s what I have within me.  My ego doesn’t always want me to believe it but I know it is there because I have proven it to myself over and over gain.  This is what I want to give the Universe and others…..

This is about my purpose, my connections in family and out in the world, it is my guidance, my action and my light.

  • I am more than I appear to be. All the world’s strength and power rests inside me. I am master of my fate and captain of my soul.
  • My purpose is to grow; to be a better person today than I was a week ago. I will make the world a better place by first being better myself, then sharing what I know with others simply and humbly.
  • I am enveloped in my family’s love. Their support frees me to be everything I can and want to be. I in turn will do my best to provide for and protect the people I love most in the world.
  • All things are one.  Every person owns a beautiful story; I learn best by listening, not judging. By learning about another, I learn about myself.
  • The people I love do not belong to me; they have every right to think, speak and act as they wish. Things don’t always work out the way I want; I can grumble, or I can grow.
  • I will do my best to live each day as if it were my only. I think deeply, speak gently, love much, laugh a lot, work hard, give freely, and I am kind. I am happy and grateful that I am becoming all I was born to be.


So dear one, what is your creed or what do you aspire to? I would love to hear from you – sharing expands your intention to even more allow you to step into your greatness.  I would love to hear from you.


With love,

signature(1) Do You Have A Confident Woman Creed?

Awaken Your Feminine Energy 10 228x300(1) Do You Have A Confident Woman Creed?     Awaken Your Feminine Power – free ebook

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No More Miss Nice and Ordinary..

Hello Miss Sassy, Confident Me!

women new year No More Ms. Ordinary Hello Sassy, Confident Me!

Are you too hard on yourself, expect too much from others or get overwhelmed, especially during the holidays?
If so darling, you may consistently fall prey to a very pesky mindset of disappointment. When we presume or hope that others will be have in a certain way … or that life show up only one way … or that events will provide us with certain outcomes, including feeling truly happy … well, we really are giving up our power and setting ourselves up for disillusionment and distress.
Feelings of disappointment with ourselves or others, can sour things, especially special events. And relationships. UGH.
Have you ever found yourself carrying around a big sack of disappointments that might include: forgotten gifts, late arrivals, lack of attention,little time for fun, feeling unappreciated – I think you get the picture.
Well my dear, these perceived disappointments can eat at your confidence,  erode relationships and ruin plenty of holidays.
Don’t let disappointment rule your world.  I’ve learned the hard way and believe me, there is a better way to live.
So if you are so over the drama, disappointment and holiday stress – or anytime for that matter! Let’s take a stand now with our party dress on display and red lips parting these words:

Good bye drama.  Good bye blame

So long stress.  So long guilt

Take a hike sour puss

Be gone fears that STOP me from being me

I’m not looking Ms. Compare and saying “I’m not good enough”

No more to playing small.   No more to not allowing myself to play at all.

I’m done with saying YES when I mean No and saying NO when I mean YES

So long to over-doing and under-enjoying

Waving goodbye to people pleasing

Adios to negative thoughts and dream killers.

Go away boring, safe, ordinary-ness that separates me from my Sassy-ness

Good bye to all the smallness that keeps me from my bodacious Self.
vine No More Ms. Ordinary Hello Sassy, Confident Me!

Hello Gorgeous – I love you

Welcome back Ms. Confident, Sexy, Soulful Woman

I’m listening dear inspiration and desire

Cheers to Joy and Bliss

Hello to playfulness I had in my youth.

I’ve missed you graceful Goddess

Come on in Love and Peaceful moments

Thank you eyes for seeing the my Light.. and theirs

I am alive with Spirit and on fire with Sass

I’m Determined to fly with lifted wings

I will soar either with you  or solo –

And for sure, I will revel in every juicy moment of my Life!

Dream Big!

signature(1) No More Ms. Ordinary Hello Sassy, Confident Me!

Here’s to Your Blissful Woman Life!

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How Do I Develop More Self Love?

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

How Do I Develop More Self-Love?

                                      lips and glitter How Do I Develop More Self Love?

I read an article by T. Mohr and it inspired me to share what helped me form deeper understanding and foundations.  
And I have to agree- it is a bit mystifying when hearing hear personal growth and life coachy folks tell us to love ourselves more — as if this was something we could simply choose to do? Just like that?
We might as well ask- how do I change the colors of the rainbow?
I mean, how we feel about ourselves is like the color of our inner sky. If we could just change the color to a prettier one, we would, right?

Although I am a cheerleader for inner work, I've discovered that many outer experiences brought forth love  too, for example:

1. People who love me well.                                                           
I can tell if someone cares from the way they treat me.
  • They hear my words even when I don't express so well
  • They are either respectful or disrespectful
  • They are kind or they are harsh
  • They support me or they cannot be bothered
It all tells a story about who we are. Who are the people in your life who love you well, who keep showing you – through their words and their behavior of your own basic goodness, worthiness and specialness?
These are the people we want to spend more time around. So, how could you spend more time with these people in your life and increase their influence on your soul?
2. A loving higher power.
We all have flaws, hurts and limiting beliefs.  So those that love us will love us from their wounds and beliefs too. That is why it is also important to learn one's lovability from a much greater power.
  • If you believe that God, or the Universe, Spirit or whatever you want to call it - loves you….
  • And allow yourself to feel that love daily – thru meditation, being in nature, prayer or whatever way you choose
  • Then it becomes harder and harder to treat yourself poorly.
3. Doing what brings bliss.
Doing the things that brings bliss also brings self-love.
Somehow this works as a beautiful cycle of expression. When we do what we love we become filled up with love – and that love can't help but spill back into how we treat ourselves.
When we do what brings us joy we are in alignment with our soul and feels purposeful and we don't feel unworthy, shame or guilt.
What do you love doing?
4. Doing the work.
And we also must do the work.

Experience by experience, mistake by mistake, we can look at those old cob-webbed thoughts about how we aren't worth it, or why we can't prioritize ourselves, or why we are flawed.

When we work steadily on making changes to our inner sky,  and plant loving thoughts in the areas where it is dark and gray – we soon are able to see the results of our work and somehow, magically, we do see more rainbows. 


When we do these things – experience the love of loving people, experience the great love of a power much larger than us, do what brings us joy, and refresh our old ways of thinking, we lay the foundations for greater self-love.

And then one day, when we need it, when life hits us with a storm, a shock, a tragedy or a devastating message – a stronger, greater self-love shows up, ready to to carry us back into our light.


When we can love ourselves this way – we can ONLY attract love from others.  Which includes the Prince Charming or Knight in Shining Armour kind of love that feels so safe, so strong and perfectly dips into the depth of our soul.  Now – that is worth the journey and very much worth the work!

The most requested topic women approach me with and asking for private mentoring on is how Riad and I came together and how they too can find the love of their dreams. Most of us really do want to be truly cherished, adored and loved. (and this goes if we are married or single)  I promise you, you too can have unconditional love – and I can show you exactly what to do, what to stop doing and help you get into the feminine wa y of manifesting. There is something very unique about this that can make the difference of whether you are alone another month or year  vs. living in the essence of an abundant life and big love.  I can help you too -The Feminine Art of Manifesting Your Man

Dream Big!
Teresa Salhi
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Discovering Feminine, Empowered and Goddess Purpose

                                                       woman world Discovering Feminine, Empowered and Goddess Purpose

There is a purpose for your life, whether you believe it or not. You may have to take several paths, but with a little digging, you can find where you’re meant to be. The first clue to figuring out your purpose in life is to consider what natural talents, gifts and abilities you’re born with and what lights you up!

  • Are you artistic or musical?
  • Is it easy for you to talk to people?

  • Do you like a healthy lifestyle, exercise or natural foods?

  • Do you love to decorate and rearrange your home?

  • Are you good at taking charge?

  • Are you creative and crafty?

  • Do you understand computer technology?

  • Do people compliment you on your style?

  • Are you a good writer?

  • Do you like being organized?

Once you figure out what talents naturally live within you, you can then understand what you’re supposed to

viagra online

be doing with those gifts and talents. This is your purpose in life.

What Do You Love to Do?
Have you ever sat down and really reflected on what you love to do? There are literally millions of possibilities, so start with the gifts and talents you were born with. From there figure out what you love to do that requires using those gifts and talents.

If you’re artistic or musical, teaching others how to draw, paint or play an instrument may be your calling in life.

Being naturally social, you might consider being an organizer for social events.

What about being a raw food chef, a yoga instructor, a running coach or being a co-partner in a studio that offers all these services and more? These are some of my favorites!

If you’re always redecorating and rearranging your home, why not get paid to do it and start an interior decorating business?

Being a natural born leader opens all kinds of doors that could lead you in many different directions. Does your church or other local community groups need someone to head up a department? You may find your purpose there.

If you’re good at making crafty things, helping at a preschool or elementary school may be fulfilling for you. Using your creative ability could open the door to a career in graphic arts as well. Heck, sell your own inspiring paintings and art online.

If you have a strong knowledge of computers, you’re certain to find a career online or with a high tech company or you might even consider starting your own business.

If you’re naturally stylish and love to keep up with what’s new in the fashion world, what about designing your own line of clothing or accessories? Another option may be to offer your services as a fashion consultant to those who are unemployed, so they can learn how to dress professionally for job interviews.

The love of writing may be something you don’t even realize yet. With blogging becoming the most popular way to market a business, getting paid to write is a great way to make money from home. Many people have started a simple blog that has turned into a money making machine. Start by writing on topics you already have knowledge about and go from there. You might be surprised at how much money you can make with your love of writing.

Using your organizational skills, you might be fond of going into homes and getting them ready for sale or helping elderly persons organize their homes. You could also offer your services online as an organizational consultant or teach those who aren’t naturally organized.

Finding your unique purpose in life simply takes self-reflection as well as some trial and error. Free yourself from wandering through life without purpose. We’re all here for a reason and, once your find your purpose and begin living it, you’ll feel happy and fulfilled!

Dream Big!

Teresa Salhi

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Get Your Groove Back

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Dare To Be Beautiful

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Do You Break Promises?

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The Goddess Mindset

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5 ‘Must Have’ Female Friends – Are You One of Them?

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Your Soul Mate Is Here

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Am I A Deeply Fulfilled, Adored & Purposeful?

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True Love's Kiss – Take Action For Love

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Are You A Control Freak?

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Rock Your Confidence-Meeting New People

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The Lifecycle of Self Belief

I want to remind you something today.  I want to remind you that you are an amazing and beautiful soul that has been bestowed upon our world.  Yes….you are. I hope this is your self belief too.  When you believe this, you can hold your head high and know that it is in your unique […]

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Do Your Conversations Hurt or Inspire?

Do you ever feel that in some conversations, your words and meanings come out all wrong? Either the other person is misunderstanding what you mean or you are not effectively communicating what you mean?   Both of these scenarios can be so frustrating!  When these conversations happen, we end up feeling numb,  confused and even hurt.  […]

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Fear-lessly Finding Me

                                                                                   I’ve never really felt like I fit in.  For cialis online many years, I thought this was a bad thing and something was wrong with me. Don’t get me wrong, I always had friends.  I hung out with the cool people and with the nerds.  Boys liked me and my girlfriends even fought over being […]

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Visualize Your Life with Some Heart and Soul

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Boost Your Self Esteem By Running

  Running is a great self-esteem booster, especially if you are a beginning runner.  Running will allow you to test and expand your limits like never before.  With each milestone you reach you will find yourself more confident and able to take on the world. Starting out slow reaps big rewards Even if you can’t […]

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From Neediness to Natural Confidence

By Teresa Grooms-Salhi from Empower The Dream How do you walk the talk of a confident gal? Especially when it comes to being successful and integrating career and personal life? I have always enjoyed seminars, especially on personal growth and business. I have heard many a speaker advise on the success how-to’s.  There’s a plethora […]

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The Value of Me

By Teresa Grooms Salhi at Empower The Dream  Dalai Lama – Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values. Our personal Value is what we stand for in the world in which we live.  It often comes to us naturally, yet many of our values can be nourished and developed throughout […]

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You, Unplugged

The Poem Some singers refuse to play unplugged because their true voice will be exposed. In other words, they believe “it is not good enough” on its own. Perhaps they are also fearful that they will be “found out” that they are not what they seem. What about you? Do you have fears that keep […]

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