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Turning Point for a Woman

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Turning Point of A Woman's Life

When does the turning point happen for a woman on her journey to love, success and happiness? 

Often it comes in the moment of a crisis….but it doesn't have to…..

I believe the turning point is a time when she gets to meether other self.

So, let's imagine today is that day and it is time to access the power,  the wisdom and the unlimited potential that you truly have within.  Your super successful woman stuff.

Now you don't need to have every skillset or answer or solution – just the ones that you are destined to have.  This other self, Your other selfshe has the answers 

She is the wind beneath your wings.  She is a fierce, determined and powerful woman that is accessing miracles. 

Now at certain points there's surely effort needed to reach different levels of  life success.

And there is also a point that when you have planted the right seeds -  the fruits bear.   The wings begin to lift you, the big break happens, you get the invite, the phone call or the email.  He finds you.  They find you.   Love, clients, friends…all of them.

All that you have been waiting for is in front of you!

You now know that you are loved, supported and miracles are an everyday way of life.

Most women don't know how to really take her deep, intense desires or strong emotions and turn them into a positive reality.
Most women don't know how to take those big visions and dreams and manifest them into the real world.
But that is your work – if are ready for this turning point.

If you are ready to take your power, your desires to another level. To passionately feel into them and align with a higher vibration of knowing  -and be willing to do what is necessary to manifest it into your reality.
You must be in the right head space – mindset and mentality – the one that says you cannot be defeated.
Defeat can only defeat you if you surrender to it.  If you acquiesce to it. Yes, you have a  choice  – you have free will.  No one says you have to live your destiny, no one is forcing you to.
If you feel yourself going down a path of defeat - that is because you have raised your hand to it.
However….you can make a new choice – it is that simple.  It goes like this…
It is literally as simple as choosing success.  You don't have to know the how's…and not even all the what's for that matter.
You just have to know that you are NOT getting left behind.  You are in NO WAY – NOT getting what you want – period. You will no longer tolerate not getting the love, the money, the career, creating the business, have time to travel, the home – whatever is is – the dream that only you can conjure up.
When you come from THAT space…then defeat has nothing on you!
Yes, this can be so amazing.  When you are ready – ALL the solutions, the resources the hows – they will come to you.
Now , there is one requirement to being ready – you have to REALLY WANT IT!  
I don't mean ALMOST being ready or the desperation of wanting it or wanting to be ready is not quite it.   Those are not the the way to a miracle.  Rather that kind of energy is exhausting and wearing you out.
But when you really want it  – the answers will come!
Success can be a funny thing.  So much is just about the simplist decision for a woman.  To really put yourself in the game and to choose to be visible, to be heard, to choose to receive…
And choose to say, why not ME?
and to say YES!!!!


Dream Big!
eresa Salhi
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Stop Beating Yourself Up

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Do you beat yourself up over little things? Big things? Everything? 

I hear this kind of thing from many gals.  Gals that are doing amazing things to keep it all together.  Doing their best to create the life or career they desire.  Gals like you and me.  Gals who are seekers for clarity and motivated to go for it.


So what’s this beating up thing all about?  In a moment, I will share some easy suggestions to stop it and the huge negative impact if you do not.


I recently went thru a little berating of myself because I didn’t get something done.  I then realized what the hell I was doing to myself.   Beating myself up for not getting something done was so completely draining to my energy and created way to much negative emotion attention.


How exhausting and what a waste of energy.  We get busy, we forget things right?


I have big goals and do pretty good at staying on task.  I weekly session with my awesome coaching clients, a mastermind group, in person and online meetings on a regular basis, I’m in a training program that requires daily participation…etc.  All these things fill me up! 


Then there are the dentist and doctor’s appointments, Pilates and all personal care things. That stuff was making it onto my schedule and I was doing it.   Energy is great here.


But then it happenedLast week I missed something. 


I left it in my head and never got it into my calendar.  I didn’t block out a time and say, "For these 15 minutes I am .. " Instead I kept on thinking about it when I couldn’t do anything about it.  I’d remember when I was driving.  When I was in line at Whole Foods.  When I was in the shower.  When I was falling asleep.


Can you relate?


So what happened here?  I ended up putting a lot of energy towards this specific task.  I was expending energy throughout my day.  Always having this in the back of my mind but never having the space to do it.  This has been going on for over a week.  Yikes.  1 week of energy trying to remember this and then beating myself up when I did not.  


Now let’s be clear – it doesn’t matter what the thing is.   It could have easily been making a phone call.  Paying a bill.  Answering an email.  Working out.  The list can go on. But so often these little things that are quick and easy to finish sit there and linger in our minds.  They start to control us.  And they don’t get done. I found for me, it’s because I didn’t schedule it in my calendar.  Super simple solution… to an annoying energy drain.


But wait, there is more that happened.   When we beat ourselves up over small things or ANYTHING  – we are imprinting in our soul how we are a failure.   You’ve got to hear this.


When we beat ourselves up we are saying things like:

  • You are stupid
  • You are so unorganized
  • You are never going to be successful
  • You are not smart enough to make it happen


Let me go a little further and explain it to you this way….


Did you know that 95% of what we create in our life comes from our subconscious mind?  The autopilot, habitual way of being.   The programmed beliefs we live out. The part of us that runs in the background of our mind and carries out the path of the experiences we have.  


(Wayne Dyer talks about this in the book – Wishes Fulfilled.  I highly recommend this by the way.)


And therefore – ONLY 5% of what we create in our life comes from our conscious mind or the actions we take to make them happen.


When we beat ourselves up – we are programming ourselves:

  • for more failure,
  • for more energy drain
  • or more forgetfulness
  • for more of what we do not want


Surely, we want to look at all of our ways of being, how we talk to ourselves, how we relate to others, our motivation, our resistance to new ideas, our feelings, emotions, ….


But right now we are taking about beating ourselves up unnecessarily.  It has to stop.


What are some ways to implement positive reinforcement instead?

Plan your life, know what you want and add positive people and support tools all around you.


  • Need to get things done? Find a time where you know you can do it.  If it’s paying a bill – put it on the calendar to do the task when you are at home, since you’re more likely to have the information you’ll need.   And set a reminder to alert you before your scheduled time to do the task.


  • Need some clarity so you feel good about your decisions?  Ask.  Let yourself receive support.  There are many resources, groups, mentors or information online.  Stop beating yourself up for not knowing the answer. Be on a mission to find it. 


  • Is life kind of tough right now? If so, it's time to do something different.  If you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results.  As I mentioned, it is primarily about our mindset and our beliefs that create our reality.  Learn about the universal laws and how this impacts you and how you can use it to your greatest advantage. 


  • Negative thoughts filling your head?  Reframe them right now by recalling 5 awesome things you have done in your life, giving yourself credit for what you have accomplished today, remember something super funny or fun, embody love feelings for someone or something and let it fill you up.


Stop beating yourself up for:

  • Forgetting something
  • For not having the perfect job or amount of money you desire
  • For not having the relationship or friends or clients you deserve
  • For not having the education or experience others have
  • For not knowing how to do, have or understand
  • For being overweight, underweight, short, tall, freckled, tan ..or looking like YOU


Stop creating what you don’t want.  Stop wasting your time, your energy, your life.


It’s a new day. 


I am making a new choice and I choose:

  • To forgive me
  • To love me
  • To learn what I need
  • To go move forward
  • I can have it all and it doesn’t have to hurt




With love,

Teresa Salhi

Empowerment Coach & Law of Attraction Trainer

Success programs for women in career, love and life.


Mistakes Women Make With Men

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

We don't mean to – but sometimes we make mistakes with him.
We do our best, we want sexy, soulful, fairytale romance in our lives.  We want our guy to adore us and we vow to adore him. 
Then every day life kicks in and we forget how to be the woman he adores and we get caught up in a cascade of work, chores, kids, to do lists, businesses to run and all that other stuff. 
We forget how to be the woman he adores.
A misunderstanding seeps in – a misunderstanding between men and women.
Besides damaging and even destroying our most precious loves,  we sometimes use up the human capacity for problem solving and reconciliation on something as minor as getting the trash taken out, or we are barely escaping a conversation with our womanhood or manhood intact.
But when we stop dis-empowering ourselves and them, our capacities can be harnessed together on an even deeper level to  address larger issues in our families, communities, society and our world.
First, as women we need to take the initiative and stop making the same mistakes with our men. 

A woman who is not partnering with her mate from her feminine state of being – often makes one or more of these 5 mistakes.  A modern day goddess is not a weak woman, she is a woman who knows how to create romantic polarity and when to engage more of her feminine side so he can engage more of his masculine.  She knows the difference.




Mistake #1 – She does not appreciate his masculinity.

Men have many gifts to give the world. They protect, they lead with direction, they focus on what they are doing and work hard, they fix things, they bring adventure to our lives, they make us feel feminine…. unfortunately, many women often think men should be more like them and do not honor their "masculine" gifts.

Just as a feminine woman wants to be understood – so do men They want to feel  "alive" in his masculine essence, A modern day goddess appreciates her man – she ignites his essence presence as he does hers and you don't hear her sitting around asking – Where are all the good men?"


Mistake #2 - She takes on the masculine role. 
Often, a woman will step into a masculine role because the man does not take charge. For example, if the man does not make strong decisions, then the woman will step in and make the decision in order to get things moving.

A modern day goddess does not want to be the more controlling one in a relationship and knows that doing so can cause disharmony. . She knows her man will not feel like he needs to be in his masculine essence if she is taking on a masculine role. He will not feel the need to step up, take charge, and treat her as the beautiful queen she is…

Let him know how much you trust him and his decisions. Every day, tell your man one specific way that you trust him, and watch his masculine side grow. Watch the expansive cycle of growth and energy of love increase between the two of you.

Mistake # 3 – She does not realize that a man wants a woman who inspires him.

We've heard it said time and time again: “Men are only after one thing.” But is this true? It’s true that men put a women’s sexual attractiveness high on their list of priorities, and that they are biologically programmed more than women to be driven by sex. But at a deeper level, what a man really wants from his woman is to be inspired “out of his head.”

Most men live in their heads much of the day, and that’s part of why the feminine is so captivating and relaxing to them: They have a deep inner need to let go of their incessant mental activity. Sex satisfies this need very well, although there are other ways a woman can offer this gift too. A modern day goddess knows how to express how she feels more often than speaking intellectually.

She also stays in her feminine with him – in the way she talks,moves and relates to him. She is fun, easy to be with and can invite a man let and it it’s ok to get “out of his head”  Rather than keep him stuck there all the time..

Mistake #4 – She thinks,  "I don’t need a man"

If a man does not perceive that he can be of service to a woman, he won’t be attracted to her. This does not mean you must play the damsel in distress, or be a nag, or be “needy.”   serve her and they want you to be happy.

As a modern day goddess you lift up your man and Give him a chance to open doors for you, and don't make a big deal about it, whether he does or not. Let him carry your bags—again, not making a big deal of it.

Let him find something to do for the evening, after telling him you want to do something fun together.  If you feel emotional, share that. Let him hold you or just listen to you. Feel free to ask nicely for exactly what you want. Be open to “needing” a man. Stop playing the role of Super-Woman –a woman who does everything herself— even if you can do everything yourself. What if the greatest sign of strength were to let go of control and allow someone else to help you? Be open to receive his love.

Mistake #5 – She does not deliberately create sexual polarity.

A crucial relationship skill is to deliberately create sexual polarity by connecting to your feminine essence—at appropriate times. There may be times in the day when you do not feel very connected to your feminine side and may not need to be, such as when you pay bills or at work. 

On the other hand, there may be other times of the day when you really want to connect to your feminine essence, such as when you lie in bed with your lover, while on a romantic stroll, or after a tough day of work.

The most important times to connect to your feminine essence are:  when you are getting ready to go on a date, when you and your lover spend quality time together, when you are transitioning from your work day to your evening, when you first get up in the morning and just before you go to bed at night.

By avoid making these 5 key mistakes you will not only be treated like a goddess but you inspire men to raise up their frequency in honor of you and in honor of their own god-like self that he is meant too.

….excerpts from Feminine & Powerful by Jane Groover

Teresa Salhi

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Relationships Come and Go

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Relationships, they come and they go.  It's like an ebb and flow of souls interacting on a physical journey.  It's supposed to be that way, I guess.  It may not always feel ok at first – but eventually it is. Who said they are meant to be in our life forever, anyway?   We've all heard someone say that real friends are forever or marriages must be from now til the end of time.  I've come to believe that is not necessarily true nor is it false. It just is and that's ok…

In relationships we tend to change. We grow, evolve, expand our consciousness, our beliefs, perceptions, ideas, dreams and what we like or don't like and even change our vocabulary.  These are all good things to experience even if it doesn't feel that way at the time. To be the same person, exactly the same person, forever would be detrimental to engaging with all that life and love has to offer.

The Law of Attraction is about receiving in the outer world a mirror of what we are feeling on the inside. This means everything that shows up in our life is somehow related to what our dominate thoughts and feelings are within us.  If there is any doubt how you  feel about something – just look around and notice what you are experiencing in your physical life right now.  

It works the same with relationships. We attracted them to us – we were in a energetic harmony of common feelings and thoughts related to things like our syle, beliefs, personality, desires, demeanor, confidence, etc..   It doesn't mean we are exaclty alike – in fact you might think that person was your exact opposite! So what's that all about?  Yes, we often see opposite type people together.  That's because there is still an energy of commoness. Think of it as a giving attention to something in common.

She gives attention to being neat and tidy ….and abhors messiness.  He's a messy kinda guy, lives from this space and may notice or think about it often but is pretty much ok with it.  See the commonality of messiness?  Hmmm….

This is also way relationships end….  

All of our experiences change us little by little – not just relationships.  We changed, they changed due to our experiences and we end up dancing to different music.   We changed directions with our ideas, beliefs or desires. We got too far out of sync with each other.

Oftentimes, friends will dissipate from our life and we wonder why.  This is often the reason.  It can be hard to lose a friend or understand what happened, where did they go?  Initially, we may not be conscious of what is happening.  We might take it personal or be angry and blameful….. 

It can be even harder to see the bigger picture when it comes to romantic relationships.  Oh, so very hard at times – maybe that's a version of denial.  However, we either can take ahold of this together and consciously work to bring back our magnetic alignment – or,  oftentimes, it's too late or better to let it go.  Especially, if we feel like the relationship is holding us back from the growth of our experiences. 

Yes, relationships come and go. 

This evolving of people in our life can be a very important part of our journey – that's what I believe anyway.  I have learned so much from past relationships and especially the ones that took me years to let go of.  Deeply felt romantic ones and bestest of the best friendships have gone awry.  I no longer hold any ill feelings, in fact, I am grateful to see the glory from these experiences and as my stepping stones into a better person.  I glean from what was shown and offeend and keep a piece of the memory as part of my every evolving self.




The Good Lie

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

My husband and I watched the movie, The Good Lie last night. It is rare that my husband will watch this type of film with me,coming from Africa, it hurts his heart to see the hardships of his fellow man.  
We watched and felt deep gratitude for our life, I wanted to share with your a couple of things I was reminded about.
Reese Witherspoon is the most famous star in the movie – but the real scene-stealers were her cast mates.

 The drama, inspired by true events, recounts Sudan's (Africa) second civil war several years ago and the stories of a few of the thousands of children it orphaned and displaced, who became known as the "Lost Boys." One of the actors actually LIVED thisevent.

The Good Lie follows four refugees who flee soldiers, watch their family die of hunger, being eaten by wild animals, dehydration, exhaustion and crossing rivers at gun fire.  Over 4 years time they travel by foot nearly 1,000 miles to a refugee camp where they eventually relocate to the United States.  At that point they still face the struggle to reconcile with their sister and lost tragic past  – all with deep gratitude.
I have to admit, tears filled my living room last as I watched their pain and their triumphs – there is much more than I can relay in this email – thinking about it now even breaks open my heart again…


Three things I was reminded about from watching 'The Good Lie'
1. I was reminded to appreciate the United States a little bit more. Now I love our country for sure. But when I look at our food industry – I get a little disappointed with the purposeful additives of chemicals to our foods.  Also…
I've watched my husband, Riad, face disappointment time and time again due to the challenges a new person in our country faces – limitations initially to make a living or sense of belonging.
However, Riad continued to remind me (despite the challenges) that the US is the best country in the world and partly due to the help that is provided for others to escape devastation – just like with 'lost boys' and many other refugees. The movie reminded me of this too.
2. I was reminded of the depth of our human strength – even as children – and how we can truly face anything, overcome extreme fear and in our heart know that it is our right to pursue happiness.
3. I was reminded of why I am here and why I created Empower The Dream - to support the well-being of others so they too have more to give and pay-it-forward.  I believe this at the core of all of us. I will continue seeking awesome charity organizations – which now includes The Lost Boys Foundation.  One of the boys from the film, now an adult, is the Executive Director of this foundation, living right here in Phoenix AZ.
Talk about inspiration and a reminder for when I get all cranky about not having enough of something

I love how the Universe gives me what I need right when I need it.
During our Christmas season, while shopping, traveling or spending time with others – let's take time and remember our greatest gift - our gift of freedom and life.  And to give something truly priceless to another – safety, love and an enormous feeling of value for them for being here too.
In gratitude and love,
Teresa Salhi
PS – A BIG Juicy  "Welcome" to all of
the new readers who joined our global
tribe of heart-centered, spirit-driven women!








It’s Not Your Fault

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

It's Not Your Fault. You Can Stop Blaming Yourself.

Take The 10 Day Challenge.

 It's time we educated ourselves and stop letting others hurt our health and control our lives! 

Watch a trailer below of the movie /documentary FED UP





A great blog post by Kate Gotsis on this same topic.  Keep reading.

Sweet Sacrifice

In case you haven’t noticed, sugar is everywhere. Of course the places it’s being obvious are, well, obvious. Candy, soda pop, cake, muffins, cookies, pies, chocolate, etc, full of sugar, we expect and accept that. But it’s also in some not so obvious places, like ketchup, hot sauce, and salad dressing. it’s the “vanilla” in your favorite soy, almond, hemp, or grain milk, it’s in healthy cereal ( organic cane juice=SUGAR) , bagels, pizza, wine, beer, spirits, “healthy” chips, and soup. I was horrified to find it in my favorite condiment of all time! It’s the second ingredient in Sriracha! My beloved Korean ketchup! I can’t say I was surprised; horrified, yes! Surprised?  No, I sort of expected it, being that it’s my favorite condiment and all. But– DAMN IT! Oh perfect condiment, bright and spicy, so much better than just ketchup, able to bravely ride atop a grilled chicken and spinach salad, a delight in hummus dip, the unexpected Korean dance partner to the Frenchest of fries-I will miss you. You gracefully went where ketchup couldn’t, or at least shouldn’t.


Sugar Sucks Don’t get me wrong here people, I love sugar, I’m no sugar nazi, and I don’t want to become one of those annoying people who obsessively scans labels and drills the server or barista: “ are you sure there isn’t ( insert your favorite edible enemy)  in that sauce?”, and lies that you have an “allergy”, just to be sure you’re not “poisoned”,  because, #1, I used to be one of those annoying people, and #2, those people get on my flipping nerves. I do believe some of my annoyance is because I know damn well, having once been a enemy of all processed foods, and most animal foods, what’s in the foods I have been shoving down my gullet for the last couple of years. People with restricted diets are, for the most part, well educated about whatever foodstuff they are currently snubbing. So, I’m a little bit savvy about food and stuff, also, it is required that you take a nutrition course to become a nurse.  Then you become a nurse, and discover that the number one way grateful patients show their appreciation is-sugar! And you eat it, because it helps. Because glucose is the fuel for neurons. It gives you a boost, helps you focus, and then you crash-and then you eat some more, and on and on to infinity. we’ve all been there.

 I have been eating gobs of processed and unprocessed sugar.  I’m not going to go into the science of why this isn’t good, we all know-sugar makes you fat, gives you diabetes, rots your teeth, sends your blood sugar on violent roller coaster rides, and leaves you craving more. It’s a drug, dig?

I have been on a violent roller coaster ride.

 My Mother died from sugar poisoning. She was a diabetic who was first diagnosed at 40 with “borderline diabetes”, and because she wasn’t able to change her nasty habits, she was awarded full-fledged “diabetic” status a few months later. She died (peacefully), while on dialysis when she was 59, but not before she suffered complete kidney failure, several strokes, open heart surgery, and had both her legs chopped off. Diabetes is a fucking monster. My Grandmother had it as well. I don’t want it.

But, all of this wasn’t enough to keep me from waking at 3am last Friday, stumbling into the kitchen and eating half of a 72% dark cocoa chocolate bar (it’s healthy!!!) I knew there was something out of balance that would cause cravings mean enough to wake me up-to make me eat sugar at 3am-and then fall back to sleep without brushing my teeth!! Egads!  

My cells felt sick.  I was out of balance. I have been out of balance for a while.

 Maybe the crazy yogi in Taos was right; maybe I did have an overgrowth of Candida in my digestive tract.  My friend and I were in Taos in September, we had “health assessments,” compliments of a manipulative man whose specialty was misusing the power of yoga. He had well-developed siddhis, (yogic powers, a by-product of yoga practice) so, he was psychic and, perhaps crazy. He had huge, wild, swirling eyes and his thoughts flew out of his mouth  fast and unchoreographed, a messy word salad. He was a thief too, but, maybe he was right?  I did crave sugar.all of the time and candida craves sugar.

 I had rolled around with the possibility of a candida infection several times since my visit to Taos, but I wasn’t ready to commit to the idea, to sacrifice my sweets, also, I kind of looked at Candida “infection” as a sort of hippie ailment, because most of the people I knew who complained of this were hippies, or at least neohippies. You wouldn’t go to an allopathic doctor and get diagnosed with a candida infection, unless it was “down there”, or in your mouth, typically in this world,  if you can’t see the stuff, it aint there. Instead  you have irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, or fibromyalgia ( all the nurses reading this shudder) . Unless you go see a Naturopathic doctor, they love to diagnose this; apparently it’s under-diagnosed in the big world.  The list of  possible symptoms of yeasty take over is immense; who doesn’t suffer from occasional mood swings????? I’m sure you have at least five symptoms of candida infection.  I have 11 of them; maybe more depending on the resource.  

Then it happened. 

  I went to a yoga nidra meditation on Sunday, and before we drifted off  to yogi sleep land, the lovely teacher shared her experience of using the technique for five months, and then having her cravings for sweets magically fall away, then she guided us into a deep sumptuous yogic sleep.  yoga nidra is a delicious mystery designed to completely relax your nervous system, as it would  relax if you were in the deepest stage of sleep, the stage without dreams…but you are fully conscious. It’s magical, better than a groovy drug trip. Almost immediately,  I feel tingly and I am vibrating, I feel like a gob of sweet goo.  After some time, our teacher gently calls us back, and I notice I am crying.  I don’t have a story to match my tears-just tears and sweet goo. She made brownies for a sweet ending.I thought about grabbing one as I left, but something deep and gooey made my hand go for the tangerine lying on the plate next to the brown beauties instead. I got into my car and ate the sweet orange flesh, plucking the seeds from my mouth, just eating and plucking in the parking lot. Then, without much thought I drove myself to Sprouts, I bought the Candida cleanse recommended by the helpful saleswoman who shared that she struggled with Candida too. She looked like a hippie so I trusted her.

 I started my sugar fast Sunday nite. I cleaned out my refrigerator and cabinets.  My favorite lovers placed in a large brown shopping bag;  a gift to some lucky friend. Some  items surprised and disappointed me, (organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup?!)  But most of them, I didn’t even have to look at the list of ingredients.  It’s in there.

 So far it’s been hard. Not hard like nursing school, or living in California, but still hard.  I’ve been nauseous and sleepy ( a sign of candida “die out”)  But, this hasn’t made me stop, or even think about stopping.  It’s hard because I want what I want when I want it, but more than I want sweetness on my tongue, I want my energy back. I want to feel like I don’t have to eat a chocolate bar at 3am, I don’t want to be bossed around by some invisible demon that wants me to hurt myself.  I feel better, clearer, and my energy feels cleaner and more even. I don’t know if I have a candida infection, and I don’t know if I will get diabetes, hell, I don’t even know if there is a Santa Claus. Anything is possible.  Maybe I’m just bored, and needed a project since I have become what my friend calls a “lay-about” after not working for so many months, I don’t know.

But I want to feel good, I want to be healthy. It’s my birthday present to me,  it’s my gift to my Mom, and it’s a fun way to test my rusty superpowers; give up sugar right before Christmas! I hope I don’t become an annoying food snubber, but I suspect I already have.


Relationship With Him

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

My hubby, Riad and I finally got to take

our honeymoon in Maui! 

I made this short video while on a morning beach run.  

Wow, love those crashing waves, but can you hear me?  

Anyway, a little share about relationships.


I just returned from Maui, HI and feeling so grateful that my honey and I finally went! We talked about it since he came to US from Africa 4 years ago – wow how time flies.
While in Maui, someone said “living in Maui is like living in a bubble.” It was pretty cool – he went on to explain that for the most part – they avoid TV, news and the negative crap going on in the world.  Instead they  enjoy lush surroundings and appreciate the life they are blessed to live on this amazing, breathtaking island.
Interesting about the bubble talk as I was in the middle of writing this blog article about the kind of bubble we live in.
If we keep a bubble of positive around us, like the guy in Maui talked about – life feels good!  That is what I call a high vibrational bubble.  Even my dear friend and best selling author, Michael Losier, talks about your vibrational bubble in his book “Law of Attraction, The Science of Getting More What You Want and Less of What You Don’t.”
But I also realized that we can be living in a limiting bubble and that is what I wanted to talk about today.  Is your personal bubble serving you?  What kind of bubble are you living in?
Your personal bubble is the world in which you live with all your thoughts, feelings, experiences and perspectives included.  It is your personal space around you and what is in your head.  Your own unique Universe.
Your  personal bubble it’s all about us.  How we look, feel, believe.  What we do, eat, fun stuff, stuff we hate, who we engage with, our job – our life.
When we’re in our bubble everything affects us personally.  Including what others say, do or how they act toward us – even when really it’s not about us – maybe it’s their shi#t and their taking it out on us- but we still take it personally. Our awareness is limited.  Our bubble is only our perspective. Know what I mean?  When we are in our bubble in this way – it is not serving us.
More ways living in a bubble can hurt us:
  • We avoid things that could enhance our life. Our bubble is our comfort zone and don’t want to get out of it – we avoid trying new things even if it can improve our life.
  • We become fearful of the unknown – going for new job interview or meeting someone new.
  • We start to lose confidence. To get out of our comfort zone means testing our personal power.  When we don’t try new things or test our personal power – our confidence begins to shrink and doubt grows.
  • We start to feel disconnected from others. When our confidence shrinks we close off more and more – become disconnected with others, with our happiness and even our purpose.
  • We fear failure and that contributes to closing off.
  • We procrastinate because of the fear of failing.
  • Our life becomes stagnate, purposeless and even boring.
  • We are becoming smaller in our energy, ideas, creativity, motivation.

How to get out of this kind of bubble.                                                                                                 It all starts with personal awareness.  Start questioning yourself on why you are not feeling happy, disconnected, lost or frustrated with life.  Or noticing that you are feeling less confident than you used to feel or that your relationships are changing – less rewarding, authentic, loving, or just less in general. These are signs. You are the center of your universe, and everything is related to you, your perspective and your feelings. This can contribute to why you can’t get motivated, implement new habits or you blame others for the way life is turning out – you’re in the bubble of limited awareness and opportunity.

Try some to these to move you forward:
Expand your bubble. For example, think of your bubble as an energy field around you.  If your energy is only 5 feet around you – that limits your perspective and possibilities and you feel small, stuck and isolated.  But if you imagine expanding your energy 300 feet up and around you (do this now just imagine opening up and stretching your inner light higher, wider, deeper) – you feel bigger energetically and you open to discovery, seeing new things, hearing new ideas.  You are even connecting to the Universe in a way that magnetizes more goodness back to you and allows you to receive what you deserve and desire.
Practice expanding your mind and heart too.  Feel what others must be feeling. Try to understand rather than condemning. See how little and petty your concerns and fears have been. Realize that if others treat you badly, it’s not about you, but about their suffering.
See how you can help others.  How can you lessen the suffering of others? Sometimes it’s just by paying attention, just listening. Other times you just need to be there, just lend a hand. You don’t need to go around solving everyone’s problems but be there for them as you would like them to be there for you.   See if you can make people’s lives better – create something to make them smile. Make them a  little part of your world too – be a little space of goodness.                                                                                     
Repeat this process multiple times a day, and you’ll get better at it.

 You’ll learn to be bigger than yourself. You’ll learn that the life we’ve been given is a gift, and we must make the most of it, and not waste a second. You’ll learn that there is nothing more fulfilling than making the lives of others a little better which in turn enhances yours.Being in a bubble can be a good thing when you are intentionally creating your life with positive thoughts – this is great self care and helps you to attract the same back to you for sure. And yet, if you are feeling small, disconnected, frustrated, lacking life and purpose – it’s time to look at the bubble you are living in and decide if it is serving you or hurting you.  Perhaps it is time to expand that bubble and allow more of the right things in so you can be more connected to others, discover and experience.

You deserve it all and can have – open up to the possibilities!


Dream big darling….

Teresa Salhi

Need help?  Something else to try, click here.



A 3 Minute Ritual for Self Love

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Every day I have a little ritual I do without fail.  A 3 minute ritual. It’s my way to push reset. To get into my body. It’s one of my daily practices to create epic self-love.  Inspired by Mama Gena.

It’s not the journaling, reading spiritual books, meditating, visualizing or even working out.  Although I do those things too.

And it is not the kind of self-love that is a result of your hard work, how great you look, or how effective you have been — it’s the kind of self love you feel for absolutely no reason, just because.

The only way to practice this kind of self love — the turned on, lit up, legend-creating kind — is to get into that gorgeous body of yours. To feel it, to move it, to inhabit it. Your body will teach you self-love in a way that your intellect cannot.

I want to share this practice with you this week. In fact, I want you to do it with me and it only requires a few minutes – heck if you only did for 30 seconds that would be super awesome.  And I promise you, if you say yes, it will make this day better.

It’s dancing.

Dance naked? Sure if you want to – why not?

Now here’s the thing: the majority of you may not want to take me up on this. You will want to stay glued to your chair, staring at your screen, reading about moving, and not moving.

I know, I know….seems a little awkward or think you dance awkward.  Who cares. Being stuck in your head and not wanting to move is a perfect place to start. Awkward is the new sexy.

Just for fun, as a harmless experiment in service to your greatness, I’m going to ask you to trust me and do it anyway.

If you’re at home, crank your speakers. If you’re at work, head into the bathroom with headphones. Wherever you are, stop what you’re doing and press play. Dance with me for at least 30 seconds and see how your mood shifts. 

And then share with someone you love – your sister, girlfriend, your daughter…..

Today I was spending time with a special woman and she said this was here theme song.  Perfect to share, ready?


Felt good huh?

What you just did is you flooded your body with nitric oxide. Why is that important? Because nitric oxide is the antidote to cortisol, which is the stress hormone that courses through our veins when we’re in our heads, disapproving of ourselves, and hustling to get through the day.

When you dance, when you move, even for 30 seconds, you take the opportunity to shift your body chemistry just enough to point your day in a better direction.

Also, moving your body – your hips  – activates a woman’s power source that resides in the center of her body.  Your power source is home to your intuition, your knowing, your being –your confidence.

A dance break is like a no-fail reset button. Use it.

So I would really love to see your comments: Did you dance with me? Did you like it? Did you get to the end of this post while still sitting in your chair? Did you at least dance in your chair?

Let’s join together in celebration of our women’s bodies, and the joy of moving them.

Empowering Dreams with more Epic Self Love!

Teresa Salhi



Are You Over Giving or Over Drawn?

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Many woman are over givers.  They feel over drawn with time and energy when it comes to giving to herself or expressing a life of passion and purpose.  Sound familiar?  Ok, so let’s change this. 

What I have learned profoundly is that – it is okay to give to yourself ! And, even more than you give to others!

This means letting go of feeling guilty. Giving to yourself doesn’t make you selfish, a narcissist or mean that you stop taking wonderful care of the people you love.

I am suggesting that women like you – to adopt this as a belief now and forever.   Another good thing is – it’s actually a life saving piece of advice for exhausted, depleted, busy, over-stretched, overworked, frustrated women everywhere.
  The truth is – the more you give to yourself, the more you have to give to others and that is just simple math.
The more you have to inspire, share your unique passion that make the world a better place.
Think of it this way, most of us are like banks who only make withdraws of our time and energy (by giving to others) and we don’t take in enough deposits (receiving for ourselves), so eventually our personal emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual tanks become OVER drawn, depleted, zapped.  We get exhausted, crabby and resentful and no one wins.
The reason most of us feel out of balance is because we are OVER giving and UNDER receiving.  To give more love you need to allow yourself to receive more.
If you’re like many strong women I know, you may find yourself feeling under-supported and facing the daunting challenges and complexities in your life.You might feel spread too thin as you struggle to support yourself and your family financially, create mutually supportive relationships, stay active and healthy, and make a difference in the world with your gifts…

What can you do to change this?  Here a few tips that come from a woman living within her feminine power.

  • Ask for help.  Little bits of help can go a long way to fill up your energy.  Ask the kids, your spouse, your co-workers. Other like to be needed it gives them purpose, they learn and grow. We are all in this together.
  • Allow yourself to receive.  Say yes, thank you, smile and move on graciously.  Get into the habit of receiving, it’s ok and you deserve it.
  • Stop being a martyr or victim. This is not the way of a self cared, high vibrational woman.
  • Let it go.  Seriously – the control, the worry, the rules.  It’s just not that important in the long run.  But YOUR are
  • Have fun.  Let your hair down.  Plan something fun and adventurous.  HINT: Men love women who can have fun and they need you to be this way.  They are naturally in their head all the time – they need you to help them get out of it.
  • Exceptional Self Care.  Get some now.  Pamper, relax and rejuvenate.  It can be a day at the spa.  But even better it can be a daily routine at home.  Make it a morning ritual to spend quite time reading, reflecting on your dreams, meditation (super helpful) writing in a journal, exercising, being in nature, feel gratitude, nourishing your body with something green and healthy, lots of hydration, peace and love. 

These are inner support methods that will prepare you for the day, give you a grounded feeling, allow you to feel more confident – and less over drawn.  The world needs you to show them how to be in harmony.  To give is also to receive.  It is the love that truly makes the world go around.


With love,

Teresa Salhi

I am here to support you, more info on my services here.


I am very drawn to what is happening on the planet and within each of us.  We have an opportunity to bring forth more of what we desire as individuals by being part of a collective positive, loving support and energy to live healthy, wealthy, and wise.  This is also a time to embrace our feminine power – as in with compassion and connection.  I am sharing with you a movie that is in the making – The Shift.  So often we only see and hear of negativity, pain, war, destruction and hate.  This is about something different.  Maybe you too will want to support this movement.

I invite you to watch the  6 minute movie trailer below.



This a MOVIE MADE BY A MOVEMENT because what we are illustrating is a Movement that is the combination and culmination of all the movements to a more socially just society and peaceful world. Every one of us has a role to play and can contribute to making this a better world. Through this film, we want to show you demonstrations of those individuals who are already making a difference with passion and a commitment to positive change.

The film has magnetized incredible luminaries, leading edge thinkers, evolutionary futurists, scientists and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I have put my life’s savings into this project over the last 10 years and now we want to include you in our mission to complete this film so we can share this message of hope and possibility with the world.

We have already shot many of the visionary interviews and now we want to complete shooting the individual stories of the ordinary people stepping into their power to make a difference to their families, local communities, countries and to the world.

Technology and innovation breakthroughs are rapidly advancing the individuals’ capability to make a bigger impact on the billions on the planet. We want to include some of these stories in the film to illustrate the impact that each one of us has the opportunity to create at this historical moment.  Enjoy!

Click the image below and watch the trailer  – 6 minutes.


THE SHIFT is here to shine a light on GREATEST STORY IN HUMAN HISTORY. And to give this STORY its name for all the world to see. NOW is the time for a whole New kind of STORY about a WHOLE New kind of WORLD. And since We Become the STORY we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Context is everything. And our STORIES become our MAPS. Our collective heart longs for realistic maps to create A WORLD that WORKS for EVERYONE.  This is the power of THE SHIFT as we focus on the questions, the stories, and the road map towards GLOBAL HUMAN THRIVING.


In Between Dreams and Fears

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

If you know me, you know I have big dreams.

If you know me, yDreamsou know that I am sensitive – to the degree of dis-empowering myself sometimes. 

I'm also sensitive to the the un-obvious desires of wanting more.

I feel mine.  And I feel yours.

The past few months, I have been deepening into my truth while opening up an inner space for my creative spirit to soar.

I have been in flow of joy and also in showers of tears as I allow myself to let go. 

I am giving myself permission to let go and it's scary.


Maybe you know what I mean.

Releasing the old, letting things die, not judging, stop thinking from my head and finding the deeper wells in my heart. 

I have to remind myself often that I am letting go – my mind is resisting and forgetting.

Sometimes it gets a little crazy.

It shows up, teasing me, dancing with me, beckoning me to come back, taunting me to stay there. 

That makes me want to just runaway.  Move. Leave. Close the door.

I need space.  I need a moment please. 

I share this with you, because I had an AHA – an inspiration that tip-toed in. 

I cannot run from me nor can I stay there.  I am in-between my big dreams and my fears. 

I am also enough – you are enough – we are enough – to get thru it. 

Yes, we are often in-between where we came from and where we are going. 

That's kinda cool if you think about it.

Until of course, we get bombarded by ads that tell us that we need to BE someone else or

 Facebook posts telling us to DO more or shiny pretty objects that tell us we need to BUY more. 

That's not so cool.

Please, back off,  JUST LET US BE…

We are ENOUGH right now.

When we're in our space here and now – the in-between is not so in-between.

I mean, the only question really is…

Where do I want to go from here? What do I truly want to create and experience next?  

Not from an ego, fear-based, scarcity place, but from your place. My place.

From our open, magical, loving, excited, creative, spirit place.

What kind of life do you want to live?

Yes, this is where we get to let our creativity soar!

The real AHA? Celebrating the in-between.  We are ENOUGH to get through it.


Peace baby……

Teresa Salhi

If you need a moment, less distractions, more AHAs and someone to see you as enough, I invite you to go on a journey with me.  One that connects to your creativity, inspiration and magic.  Let's go on a journey together….. 




Happiness. Woman to Woman.

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

“What do you need to make you happy? What are the ingredients you require?”  A question I asked one of my girlfriends recently.  Her answer? A beautiful, blank smile with a shrug of her shoulders.

She had no idea what she wanted or what she associated with happiness or pleasure.  That was me at one point too. 

What about you?  Do you know what gives you pleasure and makes you happy? Think about it for a minute. What is happiness for you?

  • Do you associate it with a feeling?
  • Or is it the capacity to love without fear?
  • Do you associate happiness and pleasure with things or people?
  • Do you expect someone else to make you happy?

Are these questions a bit difficult to answer – as they were for my friend?  I’ve been wondering if finding or understanding happiness should really be so difficult. What does it say about us when our society requires a library full of books on happiness – and yet many of us are unable to articulate our personal expressions of what happiness is.

Maybe this so called search for happiness is not the real issue. Maybe we are finding the ingredients of happiness difficult to articulate, to achieve and to sustain because we have somehow become at odds with this force of nature.  Isn’t it supposed to be organic and with a flow of blissful, natural energy?

I have learned and sometimes even painfully  – that the quality of life is in direct proportion to your commitment to it. It is not an advanced level of intelligence that is required to attract a higher state of joy but rather it is simply to develop the disciplines that will guide your transformation, you can learn to use the power within you to attract and be all that you deserve and imagine.

The truth is being a woman of joy is not complicated.  It may not be easy for some – however it is simple.  It merely takes understanding, awareness, practice and movement in the direction toward it.  The reason that some of us think that acquiring more pleasure in our lives is difficult is because it is has become a belief.  It is what we have been taught to believe.  Whether you believe it right now or not or have ever experienced abundant joy, you must at least consider this -happiness and joy are your birthright – you were born happy. It has only been thru experiences since birth that you may have been swayed away from your birthright of joy and of your truth.

Yet we are not all living currently from this state and we are living in a society that is focused on something quite the opposite.  Many people have dedicated themselves to examining women’s problems and although there is a place for therapists, weight loss centers, debt counselors and so forth – there is just too much focusing on our unhappiness.

I invite you to refrain from getting sucked into the unhappy syndrome that is smothered all over the media and rather let this be your time to anchor in a new belief, intention and  commitment.  One of loving the life you have and extracting out every juicy drop of sweetness.

Consider these common scenarios that we often experience:
Do you…

  • Feel like life is passing you by?
  • Pour time and energy into making others happy, but rarely have any energy left over for you?
  • Continue to wait for your knight in shining armour to save you?
  • Hear that life is about passion but most days you barely have enough passion to get out of bed?
  • Have the idea that fun is watching the next episode of Bachelorette?
  • Feel bored to death with your job but don’t have the confidence to go out and find a new one?
  • Confuse achieving goals with receiving joy?
  • Quietly meditate and Ohmmm through a spiritual practice and forget that you could also be dancing, celebrating, laughing?
  • Sometimes avoid looking in the mirror?

If any of this is familiar, welcome to the territory.

Every new experience confronts us with choices, and our everyday choices are no exception.
if you choose the path of least resistance – as in a lazy way -  then you will continue on a course that can be self-destructive. And you will grow old with little grace and little joy.

But if you claim for yourself another possibility, as with anything else, you open the door for amazing opportunities to show up. There is a way with little resistance, yes a way that isn’t laziness but eagerness and it is inviting you to flow into the life you are secretly yearning.  We can live our lives either responding to our circumstance or taking an active role and create it with some real passion – life does get better, in fact it can go beyond better – it can be downright delicious!

Set new intention to expand your beliefs.  Open up a new awareness of your own magnificence, kick pity out the door, implement new ways to add bliss to your everyday- and  yes, even learn ways to love some of the things that you now hate.

“If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got”

It’s time to stop thinking something is wrong with you, or comparing  yourself  to others.  So stop judging yourself  as not measuring up – this all weighs on your confidence, your self acceptance and self love.  Because that my dear, is the path of self destruction, self sabotage!

If you don’t know who you are,  what you want, where you are going or conscious of how you are ‘being’ – then the foundation will weaken and crumble over time.  Which will feel as if you have failed yourself and others.

However, as women we have amazing abilities and power to create so much wonder in the world.  We must believe. We must show up, open the door and say yes to the dance!

When joy is lacking from your life you don’t even notice that another year has gone. The reality is you are getting pushed back further and further from what you are truly here to be, to do or to have. 

  • Joy is your building block of self esteem – of self love.
  • Joy enhances, Improves and ignites juicy relationships.
  • Joy catapults success – at work, it’s motivating and inspiring to others.
  • Joy keeps you going – gives you energy and you feel alive.

And loving yourself is just as important.  Love is a necessary place for joy and pleasure to breed. You feel good about you, treat yourself well – very well – talk nice to yourself, love your body, acknowledge and honor your abilities, believe in your strengths and you are tapped in and tuned on to your feminine power. 

When you do these things, you not only rise to the occasion but you raise others up and you continually raise the quality of your life.

 Your pleasure is the burning ember to your feminine essence.  This feeling of pleasure that will spark the fire within, motivate you to stay true to who you are.

Pleasure may very well be one of the greatest untapped resources on the planet.

Set this intention now, the intention to embody new ways to source your power and pleasure in the creation of your life – from this point to forever.
It is yours to be had!

Please leave a comment here about this article if something resonated with you.  Your thoughts mean alot to me!

Happy Mothers Day!




Money Mantra

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

 A Feminine Empowered Money Mantra

I am a wealthy feminine empowered woman. Money comes to me at the speed of light. I integrate my spiritual and material wealth through love and gratitude. I am a money magnet. I am always at the right place at the right time to meet the right people to create the right relationship.  I have a consistently growing bank account. Money comes into my account faster than I can spend it.  I have more money at the end of my life than life at the end of my money. I pay myself first no matter what because I am worth it, because I deserve it and because I love myself.  I thank people that rely on me for their services. I assure that fair exchange is maintained. All my bills are paid. I am debt free forever.  I live in beautiful flowing abundance. I am able to support the growth of humanity including women and children who need money to release their voice and potential. I  am fulfilled with how I respect money and how it respects me. I maximize my discipline and patience for these are the qualities of financial maturity. I allow myself to receive abundance – receiving is a feminine empowered gift that I now embrace.  May all of this or something even greater happen to the highest good of all concerned.

This is a  modified version from a lovely woman who was in a mastermind program with me….thank you Kathrin!


What Is Holding Me Back?

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

Do you ever think, what is holding me back from moving forward in my life or career?

Like, here I am …standing in my power, feeling the calling of my soul, knowing I am ready to leap off the cliff… but…I don’t go for it.

There’s something holding me back, again.


It’s different for everyone but a few common themes and beliefs that hold women back are around time, money, relationships, health, education.

But what if I told you  – it’s not that, it’s not true!

What if I told you that It’s Not What You Think?!

Einstein once said “You cannot fix a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it.” 

So, if you can’t fix a problem with the 4% of your conscious mind that is creating the problem…

how are you supposed to make any significant change in your life?

You do it differently - you access the 96% of the subconscious that is really running the show! 

I’ve learned this lesson through years of repeating patterns that didn’t serve me. Until I learned the secret ingredient I’d been missing

that allowed meto do things completely differently.  I encourage you to find your secret ingredient too.

The secret for me is in the awareness that I cannot always work from the level of the mind only.  In the program

Feminine Way – Manifesting The Life You Really Want

we talk alot about being the leaders of our own movement. To be high vibrational women. To stop following the crowd, the drama, the guilt, the

limiting patterns, the loneliness and comparing yourself to others out there  – we need to embrace a radical approach that bypasses the mind

and goes to the heart of the matter - the subconscious.  We also need to engage – embody – understand the power of your divine feminine.

This is why women like you, who are smart, with big desires and alot of experience and knowledge, are still blocked and have “stuff” coming

up in your lives that you “can’t figure out.”‘  It’s because the stuff that’s occurring is not at the level of the mind! It’s not about being smart or

getting it “right.”   If you leave it up to your subconscious, it will always outmaneuver you.

So what’s a girl to do?

Reach out and get help.  Stop spinning. Stop self sabotaging. Stop getting on the roller coaster –

downward spiral, upward spiral, down again.

There is an opportunity to get the help you need.  If you want individualized support – it’s what I do and I am good at.  How do I know?

Well , I’ve been too.  For years.  And now I dedicate my waking hours to working with women like us – who have so much potential but there’s

this one little area that stops the unfolding of …everything!

If this is you, let’s change this before another day, week, year goes by….

Please contact me here and tell me what you are feeling….get it out. I promise to listen and to respond. 

I can offer lightening bolts of insights and perhaps- we’ll get you re-connected to your personal power again.

Please include your name, email and phone number (all required to get a response). 

You deserve to get the support you need.  Stop trying to figure out solutions with the same frame of mind

that lead you down that path in the first place. It’s not your fault and there is a solution.

Don’t want to share  – just yet? That’s ok.   Maybe you would like to start with the program I mentioned earlier – have a look at…

Feminine Way – Manifesting The Life You Really Want.

Are you ready to put yourself out there and live, love and prosper in a new way?

It’s time for you to live as a high vibrational woman is jumping off the cliff  – and soaring! 


Courage To Dream

by Teresa Grooms-Salhi

                     Have you seen those bumper stickers that say – “No Fear?”  In my opinion, 
             they should say “Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway!”
The most successful people are always courageous. They feel fear just like everyone else, however they have
a habit of moving toward the thing they fear, rather than away from it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson offered some simple advice,
“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.
The courage muscle can be developed just like any other muscle.”

When we think about courage, it’s usually stories of heroism that come to mind. But for millions of women (and men) around          the world, courage comes in a very different form. It’s a quiet voice that gives us the strength to go for another day. Take 5 minutes and be inspired by this movie celebrating the courage and strength of others just like you. 



Enjoy deepening your connection to your inner peace and power.



Thinking Positive Doesn’t Aways Work

Do you ever feel you want something so bad that it hurts?  Like it’s somehow impossible for you to have? And as time goes by  you start thinking that you’re not doing enough – or you’re not worthy of this thing that you see so many others enjoying. Oh, it can get so frustrating and […]

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Confident Women Understand Feminine Energy

Confident Women Understand Feminine Energy Someone asked me the other day if I thought others understood what I meant when I talked about feminine power or feminine energy. My answer was “probably not all.”  But some do and more will. I haven’t always understood the meaning behind those words either – the truth is I […]

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Keeping It Real. Letting It Go.

Letting go.  What the heck does it mean? What am I supposed to be letting go of? Someone, something, some thought, feeling, action, past or future?  Unity Church says, Let Go,  Let God.    I remember the first time I heard that I was eager and confused.   As a woman highly interested in her spiritual growth […]

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Slowing Down. Holiday Tips for Superwoman.

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Self Worth

Do you ever wonder how other people see you? Does it change your self-worth?  I think most of us do.  In fact, I’ve read that nearly 99% of all human beings wonder about that. It’s completely normal. And pretty scary. Because you don’t really know what others think about you  – so you often make […]

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Living an Average Life

Are You Living an Average Life?  In the average or C+ life, things are ok but not great. All the right life elements are in place: ok job, good friends, people you love. The checklist items are mostly checked.  The problem is, something feels off. Life feels like it is happening in black and white, […]

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Becoming the Queen of Your Life is using your feminine power Every woman can be the Queen of her own live, her own heart- if she chooses.  It isn’t something she does, it is who she is.   She must decide how to govern her own life. She seeks friends and relationships that honor who she is […]

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Do You Have A Confident Woman Creed?

Confident Woman Creed Everyday I have a choice and opportunity to be that which I desire – which is simply put – to be a courageous, empowered and confident woman. Now it’s not that being a confident woman is always simple or easy and at times far from it!  But that is in essence what […]

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No More Ms. Ordinary-Hello Sassy, Confident Me!

No More Miss Nice and Ordinary.. Hello Miss Sassy, Confident Me! Are you too hard on yourself, expect too much from others or get overwhelmed, especially during the holidays?   If so darling, you may consistently fall prey to a very pesky mindset of disappointment. When we presume or hope that others will be have […]

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How Do I Develop More Self Love?

How Do I Develop More Self-Love?                                       I read an article by T. Mohr and it inspired me to share what helped me form deeper understanding and foundations.   And I have to agree- it is a bit mystifying when hearing hear personal growth and life coachy folks tell us to love ourselves more — as […]

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Discovering Feminine, Empowered and Goddess Purpose

Discovering Feminine, Empowered and Goddess Purpose                                                        There is a purpose for your life, whether you believe it or not. You may have to take several paths, but with a little digging, you can find where you’re meant to be. The first clue to figuring out your purpose […]

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Get Your Groove Back

Letting Go & Finding Pleasure – Back In The Groove! Have you ever felt a little out of sync with life and what is going on around you? I sure have.  For example, on the outside everything’s perfect, yet on the inside it’s all ho hum and somehow I just cannot get excited about my […]

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What Does Life Want From You

What Purpose Does Life Want For You? As I began to ask the question to myself recently – about my purpose -, it didn’t take long to start getting some answers.  I noticed a difference from a few years ago when I felt  I couldn’t decipher or understand the thoughts I was having. Know what […]

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Dare To Be Beautiful

Dare To Be Beautiful! It’s a funny thing about beauty – if you don’t know that you are beautiful, you might as well not be.  Your life and happiness will not reflect the beauty that others see in you, and your experiences will mirror the lack you perceive in yourself. Beauty is an essence which […]

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Do You Break Promises?

Do You Break Promises? by Teresa Salhi Many people break their promises. They have been for a long time. Maybe you have too. It's sad but true. It isn’t intentional, but it is happening. It often shows up in the form of: * Commitments not kept * Things Change * Quitting Gosh, I know some […]

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The Goddess Mindset

Goddess Mindset by Teresa Salhi When I mentor my female clients on how to tap into their inner confidence, feminine power and their biggest desires, one of the very first things we work on is mindset. Truth is, it isn’t a lack of skill, capability or experience that holds most of these awesome gals back, […]

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A Valentine Love Aftermath From A Single Woman

Sorry Jerry Maguire, but I complete me! We have just endured, February 14, Valentine’s Day. Often dismissed as a Hallmark holiday, it actually has origins dating back to ancient pagan tradition. The modern custom of candy and cards, however, is far removed from those distant beginnings. Regardless of where or when it started, Valentine’s Day […]

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5 ‘Must Have’ Female Friends – Are You One of Them?

You don’t get to choose your family, but you do get to choose your friends. Because we are such diverse individuals, we often find ourselves seeking various  types of friendships that fulfill different parts of our life  – emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. It’s rare to have one female friend that can fulfill all of […]

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Your Soul Mate Is Here

Have you found your "soul mate"?  Our soul mate is often referred to as the perfect romantic partner who ''gets'' you like no other person does or breathes life's rhythm with you  or as Phoebe referred to, (on an episode of the TV series, Friends), as "your lobster."'  Apparently, when lobsters find their mate, they […]

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Am I A Deeply Fulfilled, Adored & Purposeful?

What training have you had to be a deeply fulfilled woman, who is living joyfully and passionately all while feeling gratified, adored, inspiring, creative and expanding creatively and spiritually? You've likely been taught how to accomplish or how to be effective and productive, but what about being deeply fulfilled?    As 2011 and another year […]

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True Love's Kiss – Take Action For Love

 I watched a couple of older movies this week, Evan Almighty and Shrek. My husband is a huge fan of the Shrek movies, he enjoys the message of love and how Shrek overcomes his fear of it by taking action for love – for true love's kiss. He also likes, Jim Carey who plays in […]

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Are You A Control Freak?

Are you getting what you want by being a control freak? Yikes! Do you have ‘control’ tendencies? Many of us do and we don’t even know it. This happens so often with women. We have a natural tendency to help and take care of others but, unfortunately, it often turns into too much control of […]

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Rock Your Confidence-Meeting New People

For years I was shy and uncomfortable with meeting new people.  I was concerned that I wouldn’t know what to say. I was afraid I wouldn’t sound smart enough or interesting enough.  There were times I would go out of my way to avoid an encounter in public.  On a few occasions, I flat out, […]

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The Lifecycle of Self Belief

I want to remind you something today.  I want to remind you that you are an amazing and beautiful soul that has been bestowed upon our world.  Yes….you are. I hope this is your self belief too.  When you believe this, you can hold your head high and know that it is in your unique […]

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Do Your Conversations Hurt or Inspire?

Do you ever feel that in some conversations, your words and meanings come out all wrong? Either the other person is misunderstanding what you mean or you are not effectively communicating what you mean?   Both of these scenarios can be so frustrating!  When these conversations happen, we end up feeling numb,  confused and even hurt.  […]

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How to Visualize

Do you want to learn visualize or see and imagine your dreams in a way that they feel really possible and move your forward with heart and soul and eagerness, motivation and belief?  Do you want to create a juicier life, career or relationship but you feel lost when it comes time to get clear […]

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Boost Your Self Esteem By Running

  Running is a great self-esteem booster, especially if you are a beginning runner.  Running will allow you to test and expand your limits like never before.  With each milestone you reach you will find yourself more confident and able to take on the world. Starting out slow reaps big rewards Even if you can’t […]

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From Neediness to Natural Confidence

By Teresa Grooms-Salhi from Empower The Dream How do you walk the talk of a confident gal? Especially when it comes to being successful and integrating career and personal life? I have always enjoyed seminars, especially on personal growth and business. I have heard many a speaker advise on the success how-to’s.  There’s a plethora […]

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Value of Me – Lesson in Self Worth

By Teresa Grooms Salhi at Empower The Dream Dalai Lama – Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values. Our personal value or self worth is what we stand for in the world in which we live.  It often comes to us naturally, yet many of our values can be nourished […]

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Do You Demonstrate Charisma?

By Teresa Salhi  I love the word Charisma. Being Charismatic. It sounds so intriguing, sexy, allluring and of high quality. For as long as I can remember, I have given attention to what being charismatic means and what it takes to cultivate, even when it comes to my body language.  I wanted to develop more of this beautiful and unique art of […]

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